Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuskan bread tomato soup

1 red onion
salt & pepper
Turkish bread
1/2 cup mint and garlic
4 Tomatos
Basil (spice jar)
Curry powder

Oil, covering base of croc pot
warm oil
add to pot a coursly sliced red onion, seasoned with salt and pepper
Cook turkush bread in oven, then dry out some slices. These will be added at the end.
Finly chop up half a cup of mint and garlic. (asked for Basil leaves)
add to pot, mix a bit.
Wait for a bit and prepare the tomatoes (4), these make the base of the soup.
Dry the tomatoes in the oven with the bread to be able to peal them.
Deseed the tomatos. (this means to peal the skin of them)
Chop tomatoes and add to pot
add teaspoon of dry basil and curry powder.
Cut another clove of garlic and rub on each side of the turkish tost.
Clean up mess
Wait till cooked, pour soup over tost and eat.

Serves 4, turned out pretty good. Looks more like a stew than a soup though. Mint was fine. Need a decent ammount of soup to get the tost soggy, but dont fill the bowl.