Sunday, January 9, 2011


Skyzer was first a BeyBlade[1], while watching the show I wondered what sort of super powered spinning top I would have. It would be green and have a chaos engine[2][3] at its center, so that it always wobbled unpredictably.

The monster would be a snake and it would attack unpredictably and unexpectedly, like an ambush predator[4].

I think it was also nuclear powered and could spin as fast as light, but I don't remember why. something to do with nuclear radiation also being unpredictable.

I think I started using Skyzer in Baldur's gate II, it would either use two weapons or a really big one. I focused on critical hits again. I think my main Skyzer then was a hobbit girl assassin who duel wielded katanas. So yeah I'd jump out of the shadows and slice them up like butter.

I played Skyzer a far bit in Morowind, but I think that was mostly when I was playing with the creator. I tried to create a village and a guild based on a new race. I didn't get the dialog options to show up properly though so I couldn't start any of the quests that I had created.

Skyzer is about hidden power and being unpredictable so a gnome with a warhammer fits nicely.

I think the name came from Sky Serpent, and I like to use the letter Z whenever possible becausze it dozent get out much otherwize. Pretty much I ended up with a bunch of letters that looked nifty and was also pronounceable.

All in all I have not used this avatar very much. or maybe I should say sometimes Frog acts a little like Skyzer.