Thursday, October 22, 2015

Decision: Social work or youth for Friday

Work social

Used to go straight from work and be the first one there, hang around till everybody leaves and be a bit social with my colleges, find out about their personal lives and discuss the way the company is running ethos/mission/long term stuff. But I’ve been told off a couple of times for talking to people at work, as a result I’m not really all that interested anymore. We also have snacks at these functions which serves as dinner. After which I might have rung Levi, sobered up and got to youth just in time for the kids to start arriving. Beth was running the show so all I had to do was pay attention and be a role model.

But now

With Beth gone, more and more it seems like I need to take a leadership/organising role at youth. To that end I’ve been turning up as early as I possibly can, Gudrun seems to arrive with our senior youth at 3:30. They have some fellowship whilst making dinner then run through a study (almost the same as the one that we do at youth). After which there is a small gap before the rest of the youth arrive at 7pm. Either way I’m there till 9ish to lock up.

If I was enjoying work more I might have kept with the first option, If I were a girl and therefore not really concerned with litigation mitigation and paedophilia, then the decision would be easier. It seems that an amalgamation of the two alternatives will not properly gelatinise. Ergo, to youth I go.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Lonely with Alice and Job

Though I’m not one to winge…

  • I’ve been bored, lonely, hungry, tired & poor. And I don’t want any advice on what to do about it.
  • I don’t like coming home to a big empty house
  • I want to be able to buy meat and wine for almost every meal. Not so as to be a drunkard and a glutton. But I've lost confidence in my cooking skills, and have only been buying those things when I have visitors.
  • I want to find more satisfaction at work, time to get a haircut and change jobs?
  • Mayhaps once the crush finishes I get a second job working in a pub after hours. Meet new people and have more money for meat.
  • Mayhaps I get a girl to settle down with, then I’ll look forward to coming home after work. Then we can go dancing and have better food.
  • Maybe I’ll work evenings at ATW once the crush finishes, meet new people and afford meat and beer.
  • Maybe I should brew my own beverages? New project to put on the bucket list?
  • Or a different attitude could stabilise the situation. But im restless and looking for a challenge and it’s nigh on impossible to alter your own emotional state, just ask anybody who has been clinically depressed.

I’ve really not wanted to organise anything these school holidays, and nobody wanted to invite me anywhere so I totally wasted the public holiday and did nothing special. And Stream broke a bit and almost use up all my internet so I can’t scroll down on facebook anymore. Therefore I found a single player game to procrastinate with, merely a temporary fix I know.
Mums fix for boredom is to suggest cleaning – but the house is spotless from their visit.
Deo always recommends reading the bible – read 1 Samuel, in prep for BS

Initially it was because of Alice McDonald that I purchased The Madness Returns. Also the old VHS that we used to watch when visiting Dad's parents [Link].
For some odd reason I had to register on the EA website for the game to open, but it doesn’t need internet or Origen.

Posted a bit of a review [here]  the psycology of the backstory got me into the game, then Blades of Time kept me in the combat, and Brutal Legend made searching for the backstory interesting. Initially the jump puzzles were like Guildwars 2, but at chapter five it was all Tomb Raider and I dont like that, there is no way to get past these without accomplishing them, again and again and again, endlessly like Super Meat Boy. Nevertheless the plot is good and the tale well spun and the scenery saucy?

The rest of my screenshots are [here]

Great ending, it (sort of) explains the tar and why practically all the enemies are built from baby doll pieces.


And next Procrastination tool appears to be darksiders, a tale of the four horsemen, specifically War. Death is second and is also ready to run. Skyzer and the Kaga rebellion has been put on the back burner because Stephan has been AFK.
Darksiders seems like much more of a fighting game, I’m pleased there have been no jump puzzles. It reminds me a little of Dark Souls, where if you fail lots then you gain extra Xp and extra currency, then the game becomes easier because new skills are available.

Reading Job has been a good idea, so was the carton of longnecks. I’m paying close attention to who is speaking and to whom their monologue is addressed, because I recall getting greatly confused by this in the past. Why do bad things happen to good people?
Well I’ve always thought that good and bad things while opposite are graduations along the same scale. Whereas people and things that happen are totally un-related. Ergo:
things happen (goodish and badish)
people exist (goodish and badish)
things happen to people
All this is true.
Things happen to people until they are dead, after which things continue to happen but the people in question no longer question.

Mum and dad were visiting a coupple of weekends ago and we watched a lot of jakie chan, mostly Police Story. The more I read about Job the more it is remminding me of a corny police kung fu movie.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Skyzer the Mad Logician and the rise of the Kaga Rebellion

Total War: Shogun 2

Prompted by the Wasted Camel, then authorised by the humble bundle to meekly spread mayhem; Skyzer’s inspired by the triple T to spread chaos, duel samurai and raise the phesants to radioactive power. Ikko-ikki farmers and monks unite with the illogical master of logistics to overthrow the Shogu and control the [Kaga province] for their own prosperity. But how does this come to pass? Why is Skyzer here?

Linsey Stirling's radioactive is not the most iconic of her songs but reminds me of how Skyzer the [Beyblade] began, from a mewling sky serpent to a nuclear powered spinning top with a perpetual motion chaos engine. The faster we spin the more thermodynamic energy is released, the greater the fission the faster we spin.

Stephen chow and the [King of Beggers]

Great movie, I wonder if the period is correct? seems to be [1644-1912] Shows the riches to rags story of a spoilt brat as he finds meaning to life, defeats an evil overlord and is rewarded with nothing. One of the final scenes where the Emperor kowtow’s to him reminds me of the Baldur's Gate series. Bhaal choses his reward last after his two friends become the god of the living and the god of the underworld. Initially they seem to have taken all the power and responsibility, but Bhaal takes the title god or murder thus he can control the size of both of their kingdoms by not allowing people to die or murdering a great many, in the end I believe the other two submit to his authority. [See BOOK36]

Zui quan

One of jakie’s earlier movies is Drunkan Master (also set during the Quing Dynasty), personally I don’t think its any good. And it was much more fun to watch Rock Lee battle Kimimaro after his recovery from being defeated by Gaara. Then there was the [Curry of Life] story arc, I don't really know why people complain so bitterly about the filler arcs. These were some of the most fun stories, like "What does Kakashi's mouth look like and does he ever eat?" or the cooking nin of Ep168 or Kin Kon Kun, laughing Shino in Ep186. Buy yes, I'd like to see more of drunken Lee in the fight with the Gedo statue. Incidentally it appears that this specific style really does not work if you are actually intoxicated, but is effective if your opponent thinks that you are.

Tao Te Ching

 Is an inspiring work and it’s pacifist principals can be applied to many sorts of confrontations. I’ll specifically need to re-read the discourse on army movements, incidentally this should be the most apt application of the principals, with the least amount of inference and translation.
hang on, my references don't seem correct.
Ah I was thinking art of war not Taoism, but [this] kind of also fits.
Though I think I have gotten most use out of The Art of War by kiting in league of legends. 

… is another movie I recommend, seems I’ve watched a lot of old school movies lately. This incidentally set about the same time, possibly a generation or two later and as opposed to “the Last Samurai” which is set in 1877 actually seems to show why the era of the samurai ended and seems a really good depiction of what it was like to live back then. Though the story is mainly about the great love that a father has for his daughters and how he would much rather be a meek farmer than a noble warrior.

Completed the tutorials without too much difficulty, not sure how much they helped. No trouble in finding where to click, had to wait ages to research better farm practices so that I could move my army from a starving town on the edge of revolt. I like the retainers mechanic for the special units and that they gain experience over time when hiding in town.
Initially Skyzer planned to not level up or employ the expensive and powerful endgame units; Instead employing a pile of cheap peasants with which to wage war. But since the Ikko Ikki are their own faction, it would be unfair to ally with anybody else. And so Skyzer’s buddist socialist party will spread chaotically and quickly. Upgrading all the roads first, ensuring reliable supply chains to the far flung regions of revolt.

Also check this out, the place where Zubuza died I believe.

I wonder can I change names and have some of my people working under General Aesthetic? and his attendant Dr. Acula.

The lack of military police is compensated for with extra religious zeal, so monks and nin are a must. Mayhaps I won’t actually have to recruit anybody as my soldiers could mostly be revolting serfs?

LOL, my monk can has a pet cat.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meekly leapfrog to payday

Frogs goal as a criminal in payday 2 is to develop a lithe meekness through the practice of Aikido. In the footsteps of Steven Segal gently dominate the police, aiming to cause least harm to my opponents and least disruption to my neighbours. Following the way of water from the Tao Te Ching, seek opportunities of the greatest efficiency, like headshots and the least pain, like one hit KO.
Perhaps if other friends come to join the fun the developing the EMP mysteries as well as efficient first aid may be the way to go. But for now I believe the best bet is better concealment and leading up to confirming my ambidexterity.

Meek when approaching the target, neither brash nor bold.
Calm under fire, steady when stressed.
Humble in the midst of praise
Magnanimous in victory, not gloating over the conquered
Walk softly and carry a big stick
Avoid the extravagant escalation of threat as mentioned by [British Ben].

As it's happened I've been crouching in a froggy pose nearly all the time and the Four Stores missions ATM is the most reliable source of stealthy cash. Plus I can conquer the task with no casualties in under four minutes. As opposed to many of hte online with randoms missions that seem to take half an hour to almost compete.

Cowboy pistols sound like a great idea, as do Lazer beams. I put a budget silencer on my pistol because I wanted it to be quiet but now aiming down the ironsites doesn’t work and I’ve unlocked the playing cards item so that works much better for silently disabling cameras and the cards can be retrieved, I wonder why the capacity is not 52…

Unfortunately the first aid pack for friends and the EMP are mutually exclusive and since there is a limited number of skill points available I’m going to try to be a great Fugitive without ever using first aid. Helping people is more of an Anoikis thing to do at any rate.


There is a mod that apparently shows all the buffs available, RPG style. I should get that installed and then try some actual online play. Also due to the number of trips back and forth to collect loot it seems that missions in single player are long and tedious. Payday really is designed as a four player experience. The AI merely follow me and shoot at each other, my allies revive me if I’m downed but that is the limit of their aid. The only missions I can successfully complete are Mall Crasher and four stores, the two missions I did at level one and six respectively before I actually had any skills or modded weapons. Knowing how the map plays out is a much greater advantage than any of the items or perks that can be equipped. Therefore with 4 humans any mission should be ~4 times faster and probably 16 times easier than solo. Mainly because you can all interact with lootbags at the same time, monitor drills and have actual defence rather than meatsheilds. If the cop AI did not keep escalating their equipment over the course of a heist then I’d be able to Solo some more but the process is just too slow when the Taser ninja police arrive.


I should re-think the silencer on my secondary, pending the playing card strategy. This way I can go out guns a blazing with Akimbo and maybe snipe with a scary secondary. The main reason for dual wielding was always the extra concealment. Also yet to find a foggy mask skin, I like the wolf mask of humbleness, but have not found anything that I want to use to recolour it. Meh it’s easier to pull the trigger than throw a card, though the cards are much quicker at breaking glass in the jewellery store than either melee or bullets.


All done, unless I find somebody to co-op with, Just like life in general I suppose. I could let Frog loose online and play online with ransoms a bit, Otherwise rolling over to Shogun 2 with Stephan leading the charge is the plan. Been a few rounds in CardHunter, which leads me to believe It’s Skyzer the mad Logicians, turn to come out of his shell.