Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some reasons behind TGTIWLTP

background and reason for the game.

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for my game I want to have no elves, I liked the tolkin elves byt it seems every fantasy setting has slaghtly fifferent elves/ vampires / orks. I want my game to have as few preconceptions as possible. I have played too many games where you get to chose between 4 different races.
Humans with pointy ears.
Short humans
fat humans

But why do games use this format? It is easy to identify with and understand we have a lot of preconceptions that fill in the gaps so a lot less effort is required to explain what they are and how they work.
The other purpose for a human base class is to use it to point out the differences in the stats. for example.
Humans +0 to all stats
Humans with pointy ears. +1 inteligence
Short humans +1 dexterity
fat humans +1 constitution

Then to balance the game the vanilla humans require less experience to advance or learn skills faster of have one extra miscellanious perk.

After I played WAR for a while my ideal game became a MMO, I like the comradery and the teemwork required to complete tasks. It was also a lot easyer to compare yourself with others and to learn from their play style. What I dont like about MMO's are the anoying people and the spam and the flippancy with which death is treated.
Then if it was a MMO could it still use top down rogelice graphics? or would it need to look "Pretty"
I like the idea ofthe massively single player online game, if all the other players interact in a simmilar world but you cannot directly inteact with them then is would still be a single player enviroment but with some rather erratic NPC's. Possibly they can be used to develope the AI for the real NPCs.

Another thing that has started to annoy me about games is their destructiveness. It kind of made sence when I was a nobody who was searching a dungeon for the amulet of yendor but what is left to do once the great evil has been vanquished?
And what aboutthe colony of ogres that you slew on the way. I am sure if there were woman and childeren ogres too the protaganist would surely be required to kill them too.

How better to breed empathy for these monsters than to roll one? This would also allow me to have a miltitude of non human playable races.

What about classes? I really like playing as a theif but I was never interested in the actual theiving skills. Of the typical class archtypes the healer is the only one that would be remotely usefull in a civilised peacefull socioty.

and thats what I really wanted, a civilised peacefull socioty that the adventurers can return to an retire in once they have cleared out the dungeon that was threateningthe town. Anybody from this socioty may be driven to protect it or leave on an adventure. and the adventurers may happen upon one of these small communities for trade. Then I though if I want to play as the evil minion, why not also ans the blacksmith who never wants to go on an adventure. But is happy to meet all the adventures that come to buy his stock. In this way players can be given a sandbox minigame with the only goal to produce amazing artifacts that are the envy of kings, or brigands.

The next step then would be to allow players to give quests to eachother, hopefully this would create a selfsustaining world. For example the blackmith may run out of saphires to complete the nifty sword and give an adventurer a quest to obtain saphires. then when the sword is finished it might be stolen and deposited at the bottom of the local mine that has been overun by monsters. then there will be a quest to retreive it.

So I want origional races in an origional world. the world needs to be full or seperate communities that can interact with eachother. both to compeate and coexist with.

to start with there would be a severly limited selection of races and the rest can only be played after they have been unlocked within the game by interacting with them.