Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Truth is a matter of perspective.

Person 1: How do you spell telephone?
Person 2: T E L E F O N E
p1: Are you sure that doesn't look right
P2: hmm, yep that's it. why , how else could it be spelled?

Hopefully you get the idea. Both people know the truth but one of them is wrong (i'm usually P2). In this example there is:

The Truth
The Truth that I believe
The truth that you believe

Then when P1 finds the correct spelling and explains it to P2 there will be:

The truth that I want you to believe
The truth that I think you believe


Now P2 will start to doubt himself and there will be:

The truth that I want to believe but do not
The truth that I really believe
The truth that I want others to think I believe

Then when you turn these truths to other people and bring in a third party you start to have ninja truths. Everything is underneath the underneath.

How can you really know that something is true unless to can observe it to be so. And also observe that the null hypothesis is false.

This is how Darwin's theory of evolution became Darwin's law of evolution. Nobody can prove that it is false and there have been no better explanations of what has been observed.

Accidentally I have also given an example here of the difference between faith and logic.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Samurai Champloo, Episodes 23 - 26

And then at the end the plot makes sence, not all the lose ends are tyed up but most of them are. The hidden agendas have been revealed. and the plot makes sence and the last episode was enjoyable.
Added to my recommendable list.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Samurai Champloo, Episodes 16 - 22

Starting to remember why I likes this series.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Samurai Champloo, Episodes 12 - 15

A big recap episode means that we are getting int the meat of the tale. Found out a bit of Mugen's back story. Then Ep15 is the one where Mugen finds his wife, this is one of the best parts of the anime. Also it is becoming clear that the tale is set in the last days of the samurai, when cowboys roamed the wild west but just before the isolationist policy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Light produced from cooling, as opposed to heating.

Ever since I found out about transitional elements d orbital’s I have wondered if it is possible to produce light from cooling them. It follows that if light is produced by the electron shedding energy as light when they return to their stable electron shell that if there are empty shells below then they should be able to be squashed in to them and emit light of a wavelength corresponding to the step they have made from one orbital to the next.
The first step would be to theoretically determine what the energy output would be for that jump in the atomic spectra. This would allow development of a photon receptor specifically tuned to that wavelength to use as a detector.
Next to find a way to get the electrons into the lower orbital. I always though cooling the metal would be the best way to make it more stable.

But there is no fast way to cool something, nothing compared to a laser or nuclear fusion. What is the most endothermic reaction available?

I don’t imagine at first there would be more than a few photons emitted so this also would require development of a reaction chamber similar to a laser to capture any photons and direct them onto the detector.

Possible applications: I don’t know. More likely the useful bit of this exercise would be the cooling mechanism.

The bonding structure of the elements should change so having them in a suspension of metallic form is probably safest. You wouldn’t want to create a temporarily superdense particle that is extremely reactive and exothermic on the first attempt.

Alternatively maybe it is possible to have a similar setup to Flame ionisation spectrographs. Distribute the metal ions in a solution that is vaporised into a reaction chamber and supercooled (as opposed to burnt)

How else could the atoms be made stable enough for the electrons to drop down a shell? Cooling would only remove kinetic energy. Maybe an increasing density could overcome the electrons repulsion of each other, or flooding the sample with more electrons than it can handle.

Magnetism is another interesting aspect. The more lone electrons there are with the same orientation of spin the more magnetic the element is. This may confine most of those electrons to pairs. Would this then cause the elements to lose all their magnetic moment? Gaining it again when the electrons return to their original orbit?

It has been quite a while since I did any quantum mechanics, so there may be a few holes in my methods and I am sure some of the phases are incorrect. I think I firs asked my science teacher about this in grade 10. I also asked some of my chemistry lecturers but they all gave a non-committal answer. Eventually I hope to find out, maybe I should go back to uni and study it myself?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Samurai Champloo, Episodes 5 - 11

Two European episodes, both using the stranger in a strange land plot device. The only esoteric episode, every other episode could have been found in a bibliography. But then who has proved that there is no such thing as chi. There was a private eye episode. Also one where everybody accidentally gets high on Marijuana. One had a very sad ending too.

There certainly are a lot of mature themes throughout the series. So now we've seen the personalities of the main characters in several situations and have started to find out what their back story is.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello World

Yet to obtain a lost of the lables to add to the menue.

Also a way to spread the text wall to wall. A lot of my screen real estate is empty at the moment. Maybe this is where the ads are supposed to go.

Recommendable anime

Yakitate Ja-pan - its about food
Samurai Champloo - Typical fudal Japan, lots of stereotypes
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Epic
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu - Teddy bears with guns
Trigun - Always be the best you can be
Naruto - I don't really know, I watch it out of habit now. Only one on this list that I have not seen all the way through.
Darker than Black - Mystery
Black lagoon - the office lacky who becomes a mercenary

Infinite Ryvius

I didn't realize that this was a good anime until the end of the last episode, this it was a terrific anime.
Space, Sci-Fi story about coming of age, set in an elite spaceship only occupied by childeren.

Fave Quote "This Robot is so cool" Neya, forgot the episode

Yakitate Ja-pan

I intend to add in when I first watched these things, but not yet.

One anime that I will recommend. it is about cooking bread.

Hello World

let us see what happens when the title of the post is recurring.

I am planning to gradually replace my homepages with this one. I usually have 6 tabs open for me immidiately in case I would like to look at them then another Firefox window for every new Topic I am researching.

It gets annoying when restarting the PC and I want to open one browser page for some maintenance then restart it again. But nearly every pace opens up every time I do.

Samurai Champloo

Started watching this series for a second time. Eps 1-3, Mugen reminds me of my Bro. I really like the way he handles the moral dilemma in ep3. Reminds me of the start of Baldurs Gate II.
Defiantly the best approach when dealing with the supreme evil overlord who is holding a hostage is to assume he is infact the supreme evil overloard who is intending to obliterate life as we know it and when he says he will spare somebodies life he is lying.
Enter Mugen.

Yes I can edit post production posts.
soon to follow the rest of the series...
Rather than edit posts I'm now planning on using more Labels.

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Solid State Socioty

Wow that has a long title. Watched it yesterday because I couldn't sleep and had a few hours to kill before going out. I remember seeing some of the episodes on SBS and remarking that it looks like a good series. This one is a movie and deals with government conspiracy, accidental AI and human hive-minds. Not to spoil the plot.

subordinate article

looking for a way to separate lists and categories posts. this seems to use the hierarchy format.

Hello World

Just starting today, maybe I should have fleshed it out a bit before changing the colours. I hope nothing has dissappeared into the background.

Went with a Black/ yellow / orange colour scheme as per normal.