Saturday, August 20, 2011

What do you do when you find you are good at a particular skill?

What do you do when you find you are good at a particular skill?

  1. Polish it until it shines and stick it in a trophy cabinet for all the world to see.
  2. Hone it and hunt for greater challenges, then hone it some more.
  3. Sacrifice personnel progress to teach others.
  4. Focus on improving the skill you are weakest at while maintaining you other skills so that things are equal.
  5. Practice it a little to maintain your current skill level.
  6. Say "I'm great at this" and let your skill wane.

Note that your answer will be different depending on what skill you are thinking about. Your answer will also change over time and as you get better/worse at that skill. Eventually you will get to a point where you no longer wish to improve your skills and the extra step takes far too much effort. Also the less you practice a skill the worse you will be at it.

I was thinking about what type of skill to level up in Bastion. I started to reason it out then figgured this can be applied to any skill so I posted it on FB too.

Here is an example of a real world instance.

Skill: Stockwhip
Its noisy and tiring, so I don't practice. I know 3 techniques to get it to work and can go left or right. It's a good toy for camping and when I take it somewhere I usually end up showing everybody else how to get it to crack.

And in League of Legends

Skill: Dodge
I like dodge, I sacrificed everything else to get more and now I cannot get more dodge. My rune page is full of dodge and I use both Jax and Svir because they have dodge bonuses. In this instance my skill will not wane.

Addicted to Learning

After getting my Duke of Edinburgh's Awards people asked me what I got out of it and I think the biggest thing was an addiction to learning. Now that I have finished the Gold and I nolonger need to wait for paperwork or prove to anonymus outsiders that I really did what I said I would do I think I'll attempt to keep a record of what else I do to progress my addiction. It's certainly not something I want to cure.

  • Skill: Coin collecting, not professional or worth anything but I was proud of finding ecery mintage of 20c coin since 1966 when they were introduced.
  • Physical: I think that was bike riding.
  • Camp: on a shcool trip, this is where I started DofE
  • Volunteering: Youth Leader
  • Skill: First aid certificate: Blu card so I can play with children.
  • Physical: Catamaran sailing
  • Camp: ?
  • Volunteering: Youth Leader again, actually I have been doing this since Sunday school

  • Skill: Organizing a regular fortnightly LAN
  • Physical: Fencing, way cool
  • Camp: Nepal, trekking to base camp
  • Volunteering: Nepal, Painting a school and learning to stonewall.

  • Skill / Mental exercise: Citect Programming, Woot I am actually using a programming language rather than just learning it.
  • Physical: Latin dance
  • Camp: ?Suppose I need to set aside a weeks holiday for this?
  • Volunteering:  H2H, youth but a different age group; LAN, I already have the skill to do it now.
  • Spiritual Exercise: Read all the new testament (in the bible); Communion assistant
  • Social exercise: LAN, Beach Bible study. Wed Trivia??

  • Mental: Justice of the Peace?
  • Physical: Bellydancing Berzerker?
  • Spititual:
  • Social:
  • Camp: ?
  • Volunteering: Youth, CLW?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am going without pie so I can get pie, will you give me pie?

I like the advertising campaign. there is also an internal rewards system to get me to encourage  others.

"I'll give you things. You like things, yes?"
"I mean "things" in the metaphysical sense. Like, I send you good vibes."

I may not have any sense but if ten people give me big pie then I will only be a few senseless.

Chicken soup

Vegetable juice from boiling vegetables and keeping it in the freezer.

add more salt and turn the stove on.You shouldn't be able to burn this soup.
most of a cooked chook
as the iceblocks have melted use a potato masher to make the bits of chicken smaller.

mixed frozen vegetables, or whatever.
when the soup is warm add spices, ome packet of chicken soup and one packet ot 2min noodles.
heat to the boil. then turn on low and simmer until the vegetables are soft.

all in all that was pretty simple.