Sunday, January 9, 2011


Frog is one of my oldest avatars. I think I started playing her back in the days of Slash'EM / ADOM. on my Sherry386.
Back in the day the only cosmetic difference of your avatar was the color of the @. but gender had a significant effect of the game. blokes had a bonus to strength and sheilas had a bonus to dexterity. I was often a dex heavy character, thus a girl, and often that character was Frog.
In ADOM the first creature I usually tried to kill was a frog, then I wouldent kill any more frogs until I got the quest from the old gladiator, to kill more of the first monster I slew.
Frog was one of the protagonists that nearly finished ADOM, I dont think I ever actually compleeted that game. On the other hand lots of Frogs have retreived the Amulet of Yendor, and helped to destroy the one ring in TOME. I dont really remember the endgame of angband but I i sure Frog succeeded there too.

Frog is always a girl, usually a thief. She has high acrobatics, jump, sneak, hide in shadows,  is just a little bit showy. Frog would be terrible at picking locks if it weren't for her high dexterity, she usually moves first in combat. Frog is also really good at dodging and scoring critical hits and this is more important than actually being good at combat.