Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising

Just completed the final mission of Dawn of war 2: Chaos rising. Ran through the entire campaine with Joseph. we didnt get corrupted and used the easyer difficulty. Steam says it took me ~20 hours to finish. that took all the heros from level 19 to 30.
According to steam I played the original campaign for 80 hours, that would be a campaign and a half + some arena matches. There were only ~3 optional missions this time around and windows live has lost all of my previous achievement unlocks again.
Not a bad game in all I will probably play it again single player and maybe also try to get as corrupted as possible. Also it would be nice to run through the entire story from go to woe. I think I used the hack to give me all the exclusive items in the second mission I may do that for this one too, then spend an hour or so reading all the item descriptions.
They left the game wide open for another sequel, I'll probably get that too despite games for windows live and having lag issues between computers that are 6 meters apart (normally less than 30 seconds of lag).