Monday, June 17, 2013

Frog discovers Teamwork

Kabutops does well out of Surf. Seems any water pokemon can learn the 3 water HM’s
Incidentally, Dragonite: Fly Surf, Strength, Whirlpool, Waterfall. Leaves cut, flash. Dragonite will be a weakling, and force my first 4 to be super strong, but that’s better than going to that waterfall 4 times.

Fly+Flash Hoothoot, Zapdos, togetic, xatu
Fly+Cut: Charizard, farfetch, skarmory
Cut+Flash: entei, raikou, Sunflora, chikorita, Umbreon, Tangela, bellsprout, paras, oddish, Bulbasaur
Well the only non legendary non grass is umbreon. So I’ll pick that for in case I want to actually fight with it.

So I need to get my first 4 to level 50 or thereabouts. Find a Dratini and Umbreon and maybe use ExpShare on Umbreon. But then I’ll have to re-assess my elemental attacks (or lack thereof)

Psychic: True Self, Anoiki Axe
Grass: Anoiki Axe, Mecha Mind
Water: Mecha Mind
Ghost: True Self, Kowai-Sama
Ice: Kowai-Sama
Electric Kowai-Sama
Poison: Flash Cut (will get toxic later)
Dark: ?Flash Cut?

So training isn't to bad, I have some great teamwork going between True Self and Mecha Mind, Almost as though they fight as one.

 We are on Victory road, near the elite four, running in circles till a battle starts.
Mecha Mind uses Surf in slot 1 and Ko's Onyx/Fryhorn/ Graveller. Golbat & Ursaring are a little more difficult. Mecha Mind is equipped with the Lucky egg and True Self picks up the dregs with Exp.Share. Back to the pokecenter with Gigadrain when the PP for surf are gone.
Wow, Mecha Mind surfed all the way through Koga's bugs....
True Self had no trouble putting Brno's fighters to sleep
Karen wiped out Anoiki Axe with one flamethrower
But Mecha Mind's superior Surfing got revenge.
But with Lance Mecha Minds PP are all gone!
Time for some quick sleep talking, wow that's slow.

 So apparently Will was just well built to defeat me.
Lance wasn't so tough, got to my last pokemon but I
could have done much better than that. Winning ;D

Though I'm not quite motivated enough to take a
screenshot of all my champions, so that's it for now.

EDIT: 4 years later
Could not recall my last six and found the save file.
Although it seems most were soely for the purposes of getting places.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frog used Struggle, it wasnt verry effective

Well I nearly bought full revives before tackling the 4 But my inventory was full, after I emptied the junk I then forgot. So this is the result of the first bossfight, its a bit different when all the pokemon are the same level. I may need an actual strategy.

My True Self fell to the first attack that hit. Mecha Mind bailed out when faced with the plant type Executor. Kowai-Sama has absolutely no damage output, only health. The last two were knocked over by a stiff breeze. Anoik Axe eventually finished the last 2.5 herself using Confusion and leach seed (mostly the confusion)

Do I really have to grind and level up now? Would it be easier to get a Fire/electric to level 40 or maybe 2 of the ones I have past level 50?

Frog not very happy with HMs

Third trip to this waterfall, first I thought I had the wrong pokemon.
Then I realised I had forgot to collect HM7
Then I went all the way here assuming Kabuto could learn waterfall on account of
him being half water and knowing how to surf. Back to the pokecenter I suppose.

Should be that:
HM01 Cut: Available to everything with claws, edges that can remove shrubs.
HM02 Fly: All flying pkmn can fly, otherwise they are Emus, penguins or velociraptors
HM04 Strength: all normal or large pokemon
HM03 Surf: All water pokemon
HM05 Waterfall: All water pokemon
HM06 Dive: All water pokemon, pokemon that don't breath (or hold air/swallow trainers)
HM06 Whirlpool: All water pokemon
HM05 Flash: All fire pokemon, or ones with lights
Should be automatically applied when relevant.

Or these should actually be remotely usefull battle abilities.

At any rate the 6th pokemon I checked was Gyarados, who should be able to learn fly, being flying and all.
And the fourth trip to the waterfall I find that I need another Gym badge first :( Back to hunting for a datini I suppose.

Satisfying win, I almost fainted but was able to recover with dream eat. some inconvenient paralysis but mostly I played very cautiously and slept each dragon as it came at me. Pretty much got a level out of every encounter as well :D

Finally, yes I want Red the Rival to use waterfall, Go Gyrados!

And without much ado I'm on my way to the elite four. Though the trainers along the way are a bit tough and leave me wanting a fire/electric pokemon or something with an ice move. but it seems I still need an extra fish for the 4 water HMs and a bird to fly, and neither of these are helpful in a fight.

Frogs Shinys

So lots of not much happened for a while.
Then Ten saw me playing and revelations were had.

Apparently Anoki Axe is OP and broken,
Thats why her confusion is so effective
Mostly Anoiki has been my last rezort in trainer battles,
switching in and out to use heal bell 
to cure poison,paralasis and sleep.
Then in the long grass confusion 
is a quick was to beat lvl3's

Had been using the Space-Bar in 
all pokecenters and many fights
I know whats happening and dont really 
need to read everything. But now I've 
found the Turbo mode, and at 200% 
speed I'm moving as fast as the 
newer games default speed.

Then while I had noted my Mecha Mind Transormation
I was too distracted by my Minds new legs
and newfound ability to surf to notice
the odd mossy tinge my mind had developed
He kind of blended in with the other odd colours.
Now I just have to keep the Absorb ability
With a little research I could have as well as a
red garadose, Gold magicarp a scary black soul
 Definatly cooler
Though 200% speed is a lot slower
than the battles I'd gotten used to.
Nobody else has an interesting 
Shiny color


O'h also yesterday immediately after
My mind meld morphed, Kowai-Sama
Also grew up, happiness threshold exceeded.
Had I mentioned finding her? I "found"
three scary cute pink puffballs
before one decided to join my cause.

My current obstacle is the dragon Gym
Cant get in unless I'm a dragon user
I thought Garadose was a dragon,
but flying is his specialty. Though
he cant actually learn to fly :(
So it seems fishing on route 45
is what I must do to survive.

As for play, thats not what I've done today.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Frogs toung twisted


In an underground bunker I
was assaulted by a tongue.
It came from the darkness
a twisting and a stretching.
Was there anything I could do,
but twist my tongue too?

Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful
licking of the likitounge tongue
So I had to resort to my tried and
true psychic sleep and dream eat.



Over an invisible walkway I faced myself
again and again I was defeated
and yet my True Self remains.
It was Super Effective
Is this really what I may become?
No, I think not
Thus I was saved from my future by Anoiki the Axe.
As part of the reward for the conquest I received TM30
Apparently the coolest move in stadium.
Who could I give it to but Kowai-Sama?
Accidentally her only attack, pound, was replaced by
Softboiled. Full support is surprisingly ineffective.

Leader Jasmine actually had me on
the back foot the whole time. So for 
take two I used my speed to sleep and eat
Great strategy, rinse and repeat.

Seems Nobody has been this way.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Frog fights a Feind and finds a Friend


A bit disappointed that the bird gym was such a walk in the park. While walking in the park was quite challenging, running away from all those owls.

Then I find out it wasnt even his pokemon he was using, Is this really a Gym battle?

At this stage my battle plan is to prevent my True Self from growing legs and running away. From the card game I remember having fun with a sleep + Dream eat combo. And ghastly had destiny bond which made for interesting strategies as a kamikaze/bluff move. To apply the rules of Nuzlocke I must never let a pokemon faint, so I wont be living my like by that strict standard. For my True Self’s last ability I need something damaging and not a ghost move, I need something to present strength against my weekness and allow me to actually battle Hoothoot. Thunder should do, or maybe Icy Punch. For now Lick holds this place in my moveset. Being my main I’ll need to focus on speed and accuracy, thus I should be able to put my opponents to sleep before they have time to act.

Celebi, my No2 Anoiki Axe could not be seen by normal means so since tripping over her was the only way to see what she is like I decided to keep her as No2. I have memories of Leaf Green but don’t recall if she was available there.
Beginning with Confusion, leech seed, recover & heal bell Anoiki seems to be a fully fleshed out support healer. Psychic should be a good replacement for confusion when it’s available.

I’d like to catch a chancy, because they are healthy. I’ve nearly caught them before but not succeeded. Leftovers with 255HP sounds like winning to me. Softboiled will complement the Heal Bell that Anoiki has. What else can I do with all that health potential? Can learn Strength, rock smash, Flash and Shadow Ball.

Misdreavus #200 seems to be the only wholly ghost. But I don’t know much else about her. It will be a long way into the game before I have the chance to catch one. Apparently Shadow Ball is the only pure ghost damaging ability and looks pretty cool in pokemon stadium2.
Protect, Mean Look, Perish Song, Pain Split is a recommended strategy, but it seems very defeatist.

Kabuto is probably a keeper too, another disembodied head to keep Misdreavus & True Self Company. Kabutops can learn lots of strong abilities like Rest, Sleep Talk, Ancientpower, Surf.

I will need somebody with travelling abilities like cut and waterfall.

Well that’s a strategy of five, rather healthy pokemon. Covering; Ghost/Poison/Grass/Psychic/Normal/Rock/Water types . Everybody should have one damaging attack, a backup damage of a different type and a support ability. I wonder how much of what Tsun Tsu said can be incorporated into my pokemon journey?

 Climbing the Sprouting tower I met myself, or my past.
It was a battle royale Face faceoff.

Frowning was frivolous, my True Self 
was the first to succeed at sleeping the other face.

At the tippy top of the tipping tower
I had to laugh because
Nobody used escape rope

Heading out of town again 
I found a museum like mausoleum
After piecing the puzzle
The puzzle piece wes pierced
A kabuto crawled through the cracks
"Hello head" I said
"I'm glad your not dead
Though you have a shell like metal
It seems your brain remains."
Then I named him Mecha Mind
and moved him up to No3

 Farther on and my True Self learnt how to curse, swearing is bad, half my health evaporated. Much better of licking opponents like they are candy. Its time to rearrange the roster.
Also now I see how to determine what a move actually does, so I wont make the mistake of cursing again.

I was walking over a bridge thinking about a fishing rod when I heard the sound of lightning. then out of my backpack came... Kirby's Star?


Sleepy sheepy :)

curiouser and curiouser, On arriving in town a MIB is blocking the GYM, all he says is that slowpokes taste nice. I thought we were all vegans? I do recall somebody tried to sell me one of these, but they cos more than a bank. Why would I be able to afford something like that? I don't even have a bike?
To the north a grandpa left home to eat slowpokes, or something, at the well. Which I couldn't find even though I chased him out of the house. Sprightly old fellow. Then there was this:
 All these mysteries, I think I need a coffee

Found the well, the old man fell in, I wonder if there is a pussy cat here too?
Also he called me Gutsy like Naruto :) probably because I chased him from his home :D

I always wonder if one of the team rocket people is actually a ditto transformed. That may make the cannibals.



Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frogs Foray into a Frogless world


2am in the morning and I awake on the fist day of another pokemon journey.

Turned up late at professor elms Lab to get some balls. He showed me my true self, it was worderfull but terrifying.

and to I went out into the forrest at night in search of a mystery item from another professor.

As you would expect from wandering around in the dark talking to my true self, I tripped over.

I looked down and lo and behold found a small green Axe weilding psychic, I named her Anoiki as it seemed fitting.

On my way back woth the mystery egg the peepong tom stopped me, he wanted to see the power of my true self.

The plant he sent against me looked like salad, so I licked it to death. Then he paid me for my silence and left, I said nothing.

When the police asked me who he was I didnt want to reveal his tru name and thus break my word. ??? your secret is safe with me, for now... so I told Professor Elm I fought Nobody, its not like my pokemon got hurt or anything.

Apparently Oak is awesome and because I have the pokedex from him I will be the best trainer in the wolrls, probably because all the others only pace back and forth grinding in the same spot their whole lives.