Monday, September 26, 2011

Anoikis's Warband: 3 Crowdsurfing

Anoikis's Warband: 3 Crowdsurfing
Took a castle for Queen Perl and a town for myself in a corner of the world. The other soldiers are not all that smart, don't they realise you can jump of the castle walls to get at your opponent? Or maybe they would die from the fall? I think they should all wear Ugg boots, that must be what saves me. Incidentally 2-handed swords are not very helpful when fighting in a hallway you keep hitting walls and things. I may have to go shopping for a new weapon with a shorter reach if I am going to keep at these keeps.

Also rather than making a sultanate in the sand I think It may fit Perl better if she is the Sultan of the Snow. I wonder if my castle can fend for itself while I go shopping? You need to be properly prepared for sieges I am told least you run out of food.

PS, I had no small amount of fun crowdsurfing into siege and leaping from the tallest spire.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anoikis's Warband: 2 Claiming a Pearl

Anoikis's Warband: 2 Claiming a Pearl

After another tournament win i visited the castle to see who watched the event, Just somebodies mum. I'm starting to wonder where all the blokes are. I only seem to meet them on the battlefield, and they are in no shape to talk afterwards. I'll go and visit the nice merchant and his brother. Maybe they can tell me what is going on here.

Undead are following me? and wow there is a lot of them. I don't think they are here for revenge, I'm sure I havent killed that many people yet. Maybe they want healing? But there is such a lot of them. Maybe they are a fan club for the Bikini&Ugg boot look? no, probably not. Then they would have titles like Fanboys or Followers, not Undead. At any rate they are rather slow. I may come back later. Cautiously though, just in case they are not the friendly sort of undead.

No sooner than I left the undead for dead, (pun intended) we were set upon be sea raiders. I had no idea how this would play out but since the options were submit to slavery or finding wounds to heal there was no contest. It seemed though that the odds were a little out of kilter. We were able to block off their reinforcements as they arrived and most of the raiders tried to flee, I wasnt able to get my hands dirty hardly at all.

The merchant was nearly as pleased to see me as I was to see him. His brother is home safe and it turns out that the bandits were lead by the chief of the watch. Si my next task is to wander around the town with my big sword and thwack anybody that shoots an arrow at me. Sounds simple enough. Conveniently I bought some sunglasses Just before this venture. I know its dark but I though they looked cool, anyway they were also quite good at keeping bandit blood out of my eyes.

Unfortunately the merchant who wouldn't tell me his name is getting exiled from town. If only he said what his name was I'm sure I could have hired him or come back to visit or escorted him someplace else. But it wasn't to be. He will just fade into obscurity as yet another merchant. After I said farewell a farmer bumped into me, the nice sort of bumping though. Not the sort where you lose your purse.

The farmer came from a nearby town Fear-i-chen, Apparently all the brigands who I didnt find went here to cause trouble and hide from me, they should have run farther. I like farmers. After making quick work of the bandits I bought all the food that the villagers could spare. Then they asked me to fetch some cows for them like I was a rustler or something. No way. I like farmers and I like horsies but the only cows I like are the ones for dinner. I'm not about to go chasing cattle all over the land. Not even if they are wounded and in need of healing.

So off I go meandering around the country, dropping into towns learning poetry and assessing the local economy. It seems to me that they do not understand the healing powers of ale, So where I can I have decided to setup breweries thorough the out the land. People may come to know me an Anoikis the Brewer, Or the Pretty Publican, Or maybe the Bikini Beer Bringer.
Oh I also get attacked a lot by unfortunate brigands and some honest thieves and disgraced nords and the like.

One time whilst inspecting the quality of ale in a pub some bloke called Nizar started to chat me up. I have given him the opportunity to prove himself. Although he is now the only bloke in my band of experienced Valkyries. I wonder if he will fit in?

I won another couple of tournaments then decided that would be a great way to rise funds so I bet on myself in every round. Then I bought some breweries. They now cover all the expenses of my little troup of friends. I found a bloke called Borscha or something but didnt have enough room in my party for him. I'll dont really want to abandon any of my gals at the moment so I'll hang on for a few more battles and see if my renown increases enough for me to hire more hero's.

Met some sheela Perl or something. Apparently she used to run the domestic part of the Sultana. We played simon says for a bit then I went to visit the last town in the sultanate and they wouldn't let me in. Something to do with being rebellious. I had to sneek into town to set up a brewery there and people attacked me on the way. It certainly is a very violent land I have arrived at.

So I though maybe I should leave and let things cool down for a while. The closest town was _ and as I arrived I found the sultan had beseiged the town. I rode up to him to say G'Day and he yelled something at me then charged with his troops. He is not happy at all. Maybe he though I looked too promiscuous in my bikini an ugg boots.
Part way though the battle I noticed my bikini had changed colour and once again I was glad I am wearing sunglasses. Wow that was long, drawn out and they had a lot of reinforcements. my cannon worked well on the reinforcements although I ran out of ammo a little to quickly. Eventually there were no reinforcements and I captured the sultan. Methinks this will halp Perl a bit to reclaim the throne. She can make it a refuge for all downtrodden Sheilas and we cal all wear bikini & uggboots, even the locals. It seems to be appropriate desert attire.

So I found outt hat Shiraz is the personal seat of the current sultan and I thought maybe I would take it for myself. But the Rhoderics are already seiging the castle. They will let me help them but I dont know it it will benifit me any. There are none of the sultins lords in the castle. and I doubt I could fight that many Rhoderics myself. A but of a conundrum. Do I help? Hmm

Well I suppose it will be a learning experience I have never done a seige before It may be fun. Hmm, wasnt really all that hard. there was a bottleneck atthe top of the ladder and they were attacking with spears that they couldnt get a propper swing with. then fighting through the town was mostly 1v1, and I own at 1v1. Disappointingly though the Rhoderics took the town. now my future sultinate is smaller.

Meandering around I found some more undead and went to see if I can heal them. Doesnt seem like it and knocking them out seems to kill them so I havent taken any prizioner. Bu I did capture a skeleton horse. That was so cool I traded it with mine. Now I must really look a sight, charging into battle on my skeletal steed, With my cool sunglasses, A bikini to show I can handle the snow and some Ugg boots because they are so soft and furry. Also somwhere along the way I picked up some Black Plate gloves. Then have a really good armor to encumbrance ratio.

Eventually I got motivated to attack my future subjects. I chose the town in the corner of the map as my own and beseiged it. After winning i met Jere, a man after my own heart. Although he uses different techniques to heal and I am better than him it will be nice to have a fellow medic along for the ride. We can heal eachother to I suppose if on gets knocked out and the other is kept in reserve. To that end I dont think I will give him a horse. he can walk safetly behind me with a nice ranged bow I think.

And thats it for now. I'll have a little bit of a plan on what to do next.

Anoikis's Warband: 1 An introduction

Anoikis's Warband

an AAR for M&B: Warband: Blood and steel, primarily to find out who Anoikis is.

I grew up in the lands of Cimmeria, of the line of Conan the Cunning. Why did I leave my home? To seek new lands of course, to find new techniques, To discover new ways to excel. To define myself.

I trekked through the alps to reach the country of the Vaegirs. They were a little surprised to see me in a bikini and Ugg boots. I think that is why somebody in town attacked me on sight, lack of dress sense. At any rate I think i surprised him more then I used my greatsword to split his left from right. Actually I surprised myself a little too. Then some dude can rushing at me from the other direction so I took a swing at him, but instead of disconnecting his head he talked to me.

Turns out I made a friend and got a job. What a nice person. He didnt seems to think my dress sence was that horriffic. Maybe he was impressed that I didnt mind the cold. Well back in chimmeria the snow is much colder than here and the blizzards can rip the flesh from your verry bones. I think I'll keep the bikini & Ugg boot look to show the natives how tough I am. Next was a tavern, apparently that is where I can find people to help my with my new job.

Nobody was there, Oh well onto the next town.

There were a few preople here a woman named Klethi was looking for work so I signed her on. That was easy, she wanted 200 up front, it was probably to buy ugg boots like mine. There is also a traveller taking a break in the back corner. I grilled him about everything I could. seems there are book merchants around, definately something to look into, whatever they are. The shops also had some Cannons and Jezzail. No idea what they are looks like I will get to learn how to heal lots of different wounds in these lands. Now I need to get some. To keep my practice up of course, nothing like first hand experience.

There is a tournement in town. Seems I can beat up a few of the locals without anybody getting killed. Bonus. Also I can practice in an areana. I think I'll have a go there first and see if they fight different to what I am used to.

There was a little house in the middle of the arena and I stood in there are whalloped people that came inside. simple enough. Seems a decent way to practice my skills although I imagine the tournament will make me famous as there were not a lot of good fighters around.

Well all in all the tourny was simpler than I thoguht it would be, and I got the chance to heal up between bouts. Well that was fun onto the next one I suppose, I still need 5 more people to help out my mate the merchant. Maybe the girls att he pub will be inclined to have a go? I should ask them.

So after picking up a bunch of gals, we trundelled of to see the merchants brother. the rouges who kisnaped him were no match for our crossbows, and I had a turn of the Jezzail. I beleive it is some form of rifle. On the way back I got a little sidetracked and visited a few more towns. I had just decided to return to the nive merchant to make sure his brother got home OK when I happened upon another tournament. Snap, staying here for a while. Then I went to the bar to check out the local scene before the match and there was another sheela Matheld who wanted to tag along with me. Also in the pub were some mercs for hire, These ones were nearly wearing as little armor as me. So far it has been an all girl party in the lands of Caldeira

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spring Beach Curry

Spring Beach Curry (Yellow)

250g diced beef sealed
1 large onion chopped and cooked with the meat.

add to pot
Half a Reed avocado
Quarter of a pineapple cut to bite sized bits
Keen as mustard powder
Cup of Greek yoghurt
half cup of coconut

Mixed lots and stirred and try to homogenize it a little while is cooks for 15min or so. Conveniently that is as long as it takes to prepare rice as a side dish.

I like to serve my curry on top of a bed of rice. then I mix them together as I eat it. At the end of the meal I aim to have enough rice to clean all the curry juices off of the plate.

Jaipuri Sabzi

Jaipuri Sabzi

Cut to equivalent sized pieces
2 carrots
half a sweetpotato
(can add 1 cup peas, pumpkin or whatever else is in the fridge)

steam or boil. then set to the side.

make a dry curry masala mix
2-tbsp cinnamon,
4-pieces cloves
1/2 tsp- nutmeg
1 tsp-fennel
1-tbsp black pepper corns,
1-tbsp coriander seeds,
1-tbsp cumin seeds and poppy seeds

Warm that up in anothere sausepan with some oil. Once it is warm ans mixed add.
2-tbsp grated coconut,
1-cup chopped onion,
1-cup chopped tomato,
1-long piece ginger, Cilantro
5-6 pieces garlic.

Heat and mix. then add
2-tbsp chilli powder,
cup of yoghurt.
1-tbsp haldi (turmeric) powder,
1-tbsp sugar (optional),
2-tbsp oil,
1\2-lemon juice (optional), I used unsalted tomato paste.
Salt to taste,
Coriander leaves

Mix and set to a low heat

Make the rice in the pot that had the vegetables.

Pee Curry

Pee Curry

Dice an onion, cook until soft
Add 250g Diced Beef
Cook until sealed
As an alternative to oil use butter. As an alternative to butter use Avocado. But using Vegemite is a bad idea.

A quarter of a pineapple
Half a Pumpkin

Add spices:
Black Pepper
White Pepper

When spices are mixed evenly over the meat and the onion is brown add the pineapple and Pumpkin.

Attempt to stirfy untill most of the moisture is gone.

Turns out that i should have pre cooked the pumpkin a bit, so today I will have to stew it in the curry. So..

Add 400g of tomato from a tin + 1 diced real tomato.
half a cup of coconut
Quarter a cup of sultanas
cup of yoghurt
cup of water to bulk it up, more tomato in a tin would have been better.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Senses of a gold sniffing fox

Orre no gokan,
wa kin kon kan.
Sore kin kon kan.

Sore kin kon kan.

                  Shino Aburame
                  Naruto episode 186

My house

I wish my house had a floor/
I don't care so much for a door.
But this walking around,
Without touching the ground.
Is getting to be such a bore.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tomato tuna spiral not baked

Tomato tuna spiral not baked

Colored spiral pasta cooked as per normal.
We also added gluten free koala pasta.
Drained and set to the side.

Sliced leek
Chopped Garlic 3 cloves
2 tablespoons of butter and oil warmed in a pan. Added the leek and garlic
Added 1 teaspoon of chilli powder

mixed until leeks wend soft and floppy.

add to that
400g tin of crushed tomato
1 small tin of tuna somwhat drained
1/2 cup of white wine
handful of chopped oregano from the garden.

slowly warm to a simmer

Mix the 2 together. I'm too lazy to put thing into a new container and bake it for 10 min. so I left it on the stove and grated some cheese into the mix and left it to sit on the lowest setting for ~15min.

pictures later

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Anoikis started off as a guild in Warhammer age of reckoning (Anoikis's Saints). I wanted to have a healer nearby and they were rather hard to find. So I decided to be a healer myself.
At one of the PQs in the city my goblin shaman ended up being the tank for the party as well as the healer. That was fun.
I figured the guild should have some sort of a theme as well as focusing on healing. and I liked fighting the undead so that is what I did.

Further to that I have in the past commented that necromancers arn't really all that bad they are just friendly OCD Healers who don't want  to be left alone. All they really do is make new friends.

And so Anoikis became focused on healing and being healthy.

The reason I chose this word was because PCD (Programmed Cell Death) dosn't sound like a name and necrosis is specifically uncalled for and not desirable. but PCD is what I was after.

"death is a kind of healing too"
"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"
are to phrases that i bandied about for a while.

Apoptosis was similar to PCD and a possible name but it doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, Then I found that a type of apoptosis is called Anoikis. I thought this is a terrific name.With lots of interesting letters and something that not many people are likely to use. Turns out that its a Greek word that sort of means homelessness, this relates to the mechanics of how it is PCD but I doubt most people will care. I like to think of Anoikis as the opposite of necrosis.

Since Anoikis is fairly new he hasn't gotten out much but he was a duel classed healer necromancer in Depths of Peril. Hmm I may need to find a new RPG to find out more about Anoikis.