Monday, September 30, 2013

Musings on a replacement car 11

TTGL looks like the anime logo I want most. Thought about Steins;Gate but that doesn’t really have any recognisable icons. Not terribly excited about a shipuuden leaf or what have you and cant think of anything much else. I like Darker than Black but not it’s sequels. Full metal Panic Fomufu? No a teddybear would be better memento for that.
Hmm the TTGL logo may just look like a flaming skull to the ignorant though and I’m not too keen on that.

So after looking for some premade anime seat covers and finding nothing at all I realised that the only reason I want seatcovers is for an anime logo. Now that I know I need something custom made I’m not so frightened of the price. And thus neoprene sounds cool. I found out about it on whirlpool [LINK] and this jogged my memories of joking about wetsuit seats a while back.
Since then I found that you can get wetsuits in all sorts of colours and patterns [LINK] but mostly car people like black and shades of grey. There are three possible ways to get an image on neoprene, printing it with special rubber adhesives mixed in with the ink, as per stubbie coolers. Stitching in more pieces like patchwork, as per the wetsuit website. But the car companies seem to prefer embroidery. Which I suppose is most diverse being applicable to any fabric and offers medium durability.
Cam mentioned that Bundaberg Trimming solutions [LINK] may not have a sewing machine capable of perforating neoprene, and since they have not used it before I doubt they have the heat sealing device that binds the outer cotton sheath to the gooey centre. Checking out a few stubbie coolers I see that some are only stitched, some are heat sealed (vulcanised?) some both and the cheap ones are only glued. I no longer have any wetsuit to see how they are fabricated.
So next I emailed a few companies, turns out that though Allcarstuff [LINK] have a dodgy website with not much info they actually know what they are doing and have done nearly exactly what I’ve asked for. But then coverking [LINK] have a lot of info and look like a big commercial organisation. Their email response amounted to “we can do anything” I’ve decided to follow up with cover king because they are A: cheapest B: preserve all usability C: sound mainstream. The main negative is that they are based in California and all the baggage that comes along with that.

Although, a week later I don’t have a confirmation or quote from them (one of the possible aforementioned negatives along with postage and currency exchange and comparative car model?) so its back to Allcarstuff/xdesigns to check with an Australian mob. And without much ado
Price for rears is $330
Price for fronts is $220
Embroidery & set -up is $90 ($60+30+30)
Total is $640
With a Dai-Gurren Brigade emblem on black (practical & UV stabilised) with white twin stitching, something then like this [LINK] or on the seat like this:
Mostly all the Internet copies seem to be on a white background or at least in a white circle on blue like here [LINK] I don't think I've seen any on a dark colour that hasn't also been heavily modified. But I suppose as long as it it still recognisable as TTGL and not just some random flaming head, then all is good.
But I really wont know what it looks like until after they arrive, maybe 10days plus postage. Next is to sort out going ahead with the paint and rust protection.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #10

Musings on a new car #10

Drove to Biloela for fathers day and it turns out I don’t mind listening to the radio as much as all that. So I’ll go the cheapest option, part of the justification is that if I wait a little Mores Law will give me a better stereo. So to recap…
$0 As is
Simple, quick to turn on, may have no reception and I get sick of my CDs
$40 RF Transmitter
Lots of cables, Audio out on my phone doesn’t work,
$400 Android Tablet
Also a multipurpose tool, 2 cables, ~30 second startup & setup each time I want to use it.
$600 new stereo
Similar to a tablet, no cables, instant start, can use USB thumbdrive, better Bluetooth.

And then I got some more CD’s from dad as his car can sync easily with his iPod. Later on the way home from gym the CD player wouldn’t let me enter in a new CD or eject anything from it, so I thought it was broken. But then I found a load button, so I need to press load, then present the CD. Thought that was wired until I found out I can fit more than one CD into it…

Also I ended up with some tray style floor mats that nearly fit and should be easy to remove sand with. ~$50

Neoprene seat covers? The next big thing?

Ask cam about neoprene and possible base colour and FB him a picture of the TTGL Logo or something to have added to the centre panel of the seats. What about the back? Give up on the cupholder I think.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hrm, that cant be right Kero isnt here... Ah this [Link] is much better. This game has multiplayer but the campaign story is interesting as well. I wonder if he always gets tofu pizza. I’m curious to see the dynamics of my split personalities interacting with each other. To start with I went with Frog, the elven warrior, looks like I need level 4 before I get any real class skills. Then I discovered that I get to control two heroes, thus there must be room for a third as indicated in the first tutorial mission. So;

Frog, an elf Warrior

Seeks to dodge, move fast and backstab.
Why? Because I wanted a fast Frog and the elves come in froggy green trousers. And now I have found I can flank. I’m unsure of what weapons I should wield, but it may be quite a while before I actually get an interesting choice regarding this.

Skyzer the Mad Logician, Human Wiz

Plans to plan. Staying out of danger and using tactics to manipulate allies.
Why? Because I don’t have many other personalities left. Usually Skyzer is a bit of a dervish, a loose cannon and radioactive berserker. But I think I’d benefit from a wizard more than doubling up on another class. Also being a tactical human sounded like I can then help Frog hop along. Possibly a Dwarf Warrior would have fit like a glove and Skyzer could have charged in, dual wielding long swords. But Skyzer is not a glove fitting type of fellow. More of a boot on the wrong foot kind of guy, so if you look closely at his otherwise distinguished beared you will notice bits of last night’s soup, and possibly a rabbit shank saved for Ron. But no, spewing flames and manipulating movement will suit Skyzer fine.

Anoiki the Necromancer, Dwarf Paladin
Hoping to heal and buff toughness.
Why? Because I wanted Anoiki to join me and since Axes are probably hard to come by I’ll need to be the OCD Healer, and the healthiest healers are dwavern paladins. I wonder if Anoiki can also be a tank healer like my shaman in Warhammer online.

In the first battle with Skyzer, Frog let him take all the hits to see what would happen when the wiz died. But they have had much better teamwork since then. Especially when Anoiki learned how to passively heal all allies within arms reach. Now I feel ready to take on VRBones, and see how he has organised his allies. Are they a mix like mine? All elves? All male? All old? Or possibly he went with the crusader kings 2 plan and chose whichever characters had the largest nose?

Then I’m also expecting Josh and Sam to have a party now, probably also around the same level as me.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Too many Onion Soup

So I bought 2kg of sliced onion for a Rotoract BBQ, being election day it was mostly a flop. So I still have a loaf of stale bread and a kilo of sliced onions nearly a week later. Ten has caught onto the current soup craze, and I remember a suprisingly good onion soup I had in Nepal. I ate a lot of bizare things over there. Thus we will have a Dynamic Soup Battle!!

The premise is that both Ben and Ten cook a soup to consume after Gym and then Josh + whoever else may want to come along muse decide which soup is better and which is best. I'm quietly confident I will lose.

Step 1
50g of butter
2 table spoons of Virgin's Olive oil
Heated in a pan

Step 2
Start playing Mount & blade, soon I will have helpes Anoikis the Axe conquour all colanria

Step 3
Set pot to lowest heat
Add all onion to pot (strike that only room got half a kilogram in my saucepan)
Find some shalots and miscelanious onion type plants from herb carden and thinly slice
Add extra variety to pot
Add 2 tablespoons of raw sugar to help carimalisation process
Add some garlic and salt to taste

Step 4
Engage crockpotBoil a kettlefull of water
Add 2L worth of beef stock

Step 5
Over the next hour conquor castles and stir the pot, till all the onion is floppy.
Step 6
insert the silky smoth onions from the saucepan into the crock pot
Add another kettle of water to ensure all onions are covered.
Leave sit on low for ~4h for soup to brew

Step 7
Make garlic bread

Step 8
make barlic tost
I'm using somewhat ols bread in a george forman grill
Both sides of bread buttered
Top side of bread additionally spread with minced garlic and sprinkelled with chese.
Cooked in grill

Step nine
Consume and judge.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rouge Legacy Strategy

Golden Shinigami, no lecherousness, Speed hunting the runes.

First off I unlocked the spelunkette and other otherwise useless monetary boosts, because the longer I leave these unlocks the more pointless they are.
But what I liked playing was the Hokage and Lich. One is fast and can KO, the other snowballs, feeding of the souls of fallen enemies. To make the Lich more fun I have four counts of downgraded minions, so it is easier to consume them.
Thus the greater challenge is the dungeon traps themselves. In particular I fail at the down strike platforms a lot. Methinks the flight and speed runes would help with this, which is why my 5th rune is for flight. I’d also like a more fully fleshed out armoury with which to make an informed decision about my clothing. Realising this is what tipped me over the edge in deciding to avoid all lecherous behaviour and just rely on my manual dodging abilities alone. But it may be a short lived decision to avoid all vampiric siphoning (After all these skills do lend themselves nicely to the lich). The thing is he should be able to stand on his own two feed and not need the passive health and mana regeneration from slain enemies.
I best like the rune challenges where I only have to remove all the locals or the one where I need to quickly find the chest. Some of the other ones I just cannot do, like the one that requires me to use the dash rune which I haven’t found yet.
I still like being a skeletal warrior. I don’t know why but they sound cool. I remember the ones from Jason and the Argonauts, I suppose that’s a really old movie now. Its interesting to think that I actually exist in my bones and I’m just coincidentally covered in a pink meatsack that has a rather symbiotic relationship. Then in there was no meat all my bones would still remain in place because well, that’s where they are supposed to be.

It’s probably a good idea to lock the dungeon and go back through it for all the green chests, but more often than not they are still too hard, even with all the portals open for some quick healing. Also I am at the point now where locking the dungeon and getting enough cash for an upgrade are mutually exclusive.

The Liberals are conservative?

Politics in Australia confuses me, I had a go at the ABC compass thingy but didn’t know about most of the issues they raised. Though I did find out what parties I could be voting for and it amused me to see a wikileaks party. The ABC has divided up issues into Social and economical and conservative and liberal. As well as the left and right that I don’t understand.
Apparently left and right refers to where people sat in the French parliament shortly after their revolution. And the more I find out the more meaningless this distinction seems to be. They may as well be the bluer and redder, signifying that there are on opposing ends of some indeterminate spectrum. I’m red with respect to economic growth but blue about family laws.
Wikipedia has a rather informative compilation of the registered parties, also interesting is that it references facebook.I think I like the principals of the wikileaks party best for senate though their candidate is unfortunate. But as for the local member I still don’t know. I dislike the concept of a two-party preferred system bit on the other hand for the last term nothing seems to have been successful, mainly because the balance of power was too even. I think last time nearly everybody voted for who they thought was most likely to lose.
Where do I stand on the scale of blueness?
I think economically the government should never be in debt, on the other hand you have to spend money to make money. I would like to see a reduction in government subsidies, reduction in welfare but an increase in infrastructure spending.
Socially I dislike abortion and gay marriage. The “Aboriginal or Torres strait islander descent” checkbox should be removed from all government forms. Similarly gender equality can be achieved by removing the word gender. Refugees who arrive via boat are cheating, if it were simpler and easier to legitimately emigrate then maybe they would use that method instead. I’ve no issue with the arriving in Australia though.
I was forming of an opinion for other stuff to but I got distracted.
I’d like to think that the leader of each party is a spokesperson or a figurehead. And that behind them is a committee that comes up with sane policies, but if Kevin Rudd is the best spokesman they can find in the Labor party then that doesn’t bode well for the people in the shadows. Incidentally check out John Howard’s new job. Seems like there is more than one organisation seeking world domination if it’s not the Templar Knights or Microsoft then its Democracies.