Sunday, January 16, 2011

The game that I would like to play

I have given up on making this a complete post. Initially I wanted to define what I mean and introduce where I will be going to from here. But I have not been motivated to make it a big offline post first so here goes.

I beleive every gamer is looking for the game that they would really like to play, most of the time only finding something somewhat close, then each time you play a game the ideal will be altered. there will never be a perfect game for all people.

So the only way to get this game would be to make it yourself, This I think is the nexus if the indie movement. they individually created the games that they wanted to play. Rather than the big businesses that make games in order to make money.

Just now I have found another example of this. A Games on net article about a neverwinter nights mod called Edon[1]. it seems that some people were not happy with neverwinter nights but it was nearly what they wanted to play and had the modding tools for them to change it.

What are the games that I like?
What are the essential parts of those games?
What do I want to avoid at all costs?
Can I make it?
Am I motivated enough to start?

For the bottom two the answer would be no, not yet but I have ideas that have been slowly developing ever since this concept was introduced to me.