Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frogs Foray into a Frogless world


2am in the morning and I awake on the fist day of another pokemon journey.

Turned up late at professor elms Lab to get some balls. He showed me my true self, it was worderfull but terrifying.

and to I went out into the forrest at night in search of a mystery item from another professor.

As you would expect from wandering around in the dark talking to my true self, I tripped over.

I looked down and lo and behold found a small green Axe weilding psychic, I named her Anoiki as it seemed fitting.

On my way back woth the mystery egg the peepong tom stopped me, he wanted to see the power of my true self.

The plant he sent against me looked like salad, so I licked it to death. Then he paid me for my silence and left, I said nothing.

When the police asked me who he was I didnt want to reveal his tru name and thus break my word. ??? your secret is safe with me, for now... so I told Professor Elm I fought Nobody, its not like my pokemon got hurt or anything.

Apparently Oak is awesome and because I have the pokedex from him I will be the best trainer in the wolrls, probably because all the others only pace back and forth grinding in the same spot their whole lives.