Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frog used Struggle, it wasnt verry effective

Well I nearly bought full revives before tackling the 4 But my inventory was full, after I emptied the junk I then forgot. So this is the result of the first bossfight, its a bit different when all the pokemon are the same level. I may need an actual strategy.

My True Self fell to the first attack that hit. Mecha Mind bailed out when faced with the plant type Executor. Kowai-Sama has absolutely no damage output, only health. The last two were knocked over by a stiff breeze. Anoik Axe eventually finished the last 2.5 herself using Confusion and leach seed (mostly the confusion)

Do I really have to grind and level up now? Would it be easier to get a Fire/electric to level 40 or maybe 2 of the ones I have past level 50?