Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frog not very happy with HMs

Third trip to this waterfall, first I thought I had the wrong pokemon.
Then I realised I had forgot to collect HM7
Then I went all the way here assuming Kabuto could learn waterfall on account of
him being half water and knowing how to surf. Back to the pokecenter I suppose.

Should be that:
HM01 Cut: Available to everything with claws, edges that can remove shrubs.
HM02 Fly: All flying pkmn can fly, otherwise they are Emus, penguins or velociraptors
HM04 Strength: all normal or large pokemon
HM03 Surf: All water pokemon
HM05 Waterfall: All water pokemon
HM06 Dive: All water pokemon, pokemon that don't breath (or hold air/swallow trainers)
HM06 Whirlpool: All water pokemon
HM05 Flash: All fire pokemon, or ones with lights
Should be automatically applied when relevant.

Or these should actually be remotely usefull battle abilities.

At any rate the 6th pokemon I checked was Gyarados, who should be able to learn fly, being flying and all.
And the fourth trip to the waterfall I find that I need another Gym badge first :( Back to hunting for a datini I suppose.

Satisfying win, I almost fainted but was able to recover with dream eat. some inconvenient paralysis but mostly I played very cautiously and slept each dragon as it came at me. Pretty much got a level out of every encounter as well :D

Finally, yes I want Red the Rival to use waterfall, Go Gyrados!

And without much ado I'm on my way to the elite four. Though the trainers along the way are a bit tough and leave me wanting a fire/electric pokemon or something with an ice move. but it seems I still need an extra fish for the 4 water HMs and a bird to fly, and neither of these are helpful in a fight.