Monday, June 17, 2013

Frog discovers Teamwork

Kabutops does well out of Surf. Seems any water pokemon can learn the 3 water HM’s
Incidentally, Dragonite: Fly Surf, Strength, Whirlpool, Waterfall. Leaves cut, flash. Dragonite will be a weakling, and force my first 4 to be super strong, but that’s better than going to that waterfall 4 times.

Fly+Flash Hoothoot, Zapdos, togetic, xatu
Fly+Cut: Charizard, farfetch, skarmory
Cut+Flash: entei, raikou, Sunflora, chikorita, Umbreon, Tangela, bellsprout, paras, oddish, Bulbasaur
Well the only non legendary non grass is umbreon. So I’ll pick that for in case I want to actually fight with it.

So I need to get my first 4 to level 50 or thereabouts. Find a Dratini and Umbreon and maybe use ExpShare on Umbreon. But then I’ll have to re-assess my elemental attacks (or lack thereof)

Psychic: True Self, Anoiki Axe
Grass: Anoiki Axe, Mecha Mind
Water: Mecha Mind
Ghost: True Self, Kowai-Sama
Ice: Kowai-Sama
Electric Kowai-Sama
Poison: Flash Cut (will get toxic later)
Dark: ?Flash Cut?

So training isn't to bad, I have some great teamwork going between True Self and Mecha Mind, Almost as though they fight as one.

 We are on Victory road, near the elite four, running in circles till a battle starts.
Mecha Mind uses Surf in slot 1 and Ko's Onyx/Fryhorn/ Graveller. Golbat & Ursaring are a little more difficult. Mecha Mind is equipped with the Lucky egg and True Self picks up the dregs with Exp.Share. Back to the pokecenter with Gigadrain when the PP for surf are gone.
Wow, Mecha Mind surfed all the way through Koga's bugs....
True Self had no trouble putting Brno's fighters to sleep
Karen wiped out Anoiki Axe with one flamethrower
But Mecha Mind's superior Surfing got revenge.
But with Lance Mecha Minds PP are all gone!
Time for some quick sleep talking, wow that's slow.

 So apparently Will was just well built to defeat me.
Lance wasn't so tough, got to my last pokemon but I
could have done much better than that. Winning ;D

Though I'm not quite motivated enough to take a
screenshot of all my champions, so that's it for now.

EDIT: 4 years later
Could not recall my last six and found the save file.
Although it seems most were soely for the purposes of getting places.