Friday, June 14, 2013

Frog fights a Feind and finds a Friend


A bit disappointed that the bird gym was such a walk in the park. While walking in the park was quite challenging, running away from all those owls.

Then I find out it wasnt even his pokemon he was using, Is this really a Gym battle?

At this stage my battle plan is to prevent my True Self from growing legs and running away. From the card game I remember having fun with a sleep + Dream eat combo. And ghastly had destiny bond which made for interesting strategies as a kamikaze/bluff move. To apply the rules of Nuzlocke I must never let a pokemon faint, so I wont be living my like by that strict standard. For my True Self’s last ability I need something damaging and not a ghost move, I need something to present strength against my weekness and allow me to actually battle Hoothoot. Thunder should do, or maybe Icy Punch. For now Lick holds this place in my moveset. Being my main I’ll need to focus on speed and accuracy, thus I should be able to put my opponents to sleep before they have time to act.

Celebi, my No2 Anoiki Axe could not be seen by normal means so since tripping over her was the only way to see what she is like I decided to keep her as No2. I have memories of Leaf Green but don’t recall if she was available there.
Beginning with Confusion, leech seed, recover & heal bell Anoiki seems to be a fully fleshed out support healer. Psychic should be a good replacement for confusion when it’s available.

I’d like to catch a chancy, because they are healthy. I’ve nearly caught them before but not succeeded. Leftovers with 255HP sounds like winning to me. Softboiled will complement the Heal Bell that Anoiki has. What else can I do with all that health potential? Can learn Strength, rock smash, Flash and Shadow Ball.

Misdreavus #200 seems to be the only wholly ghost. But I don’t know much else about her. It will be a long way into the game before I have the chance to catch one. Apparently Shadow Ball is the only pure ghost damaging ability and looks pretty cool in pokemon stadium2.
Protect, Mean Look, Perish Song, Pain Split is a recommended strategy, but it seems very defeatist.

Kabuto is probably a keeper too, another disembodied head to keep Misdreavus & True Self Company. Kabutops can learn lots of strong abilities like Rest, Sleep Talk, Ancientpower, Surf.

I will need somebody with travelling abilities like cut and waterfall.

Well that’s a strategy of five, rather healthy pokemon. Covering; Ghost/Poison/Grass/Psychic/Normal/Rock/Water types . Everybody should have one damaging attack, a backup damage of a different type and a support ability. I wonder how much of what Tsun Tsu said can be incorporated into my pokemon journey?

 Climbing the Sprouting tower I met myself, or my past.
It was a battle royale Face faceoff.

Frowning was frivolous, my True Self 
was the first to succeed at sleeping the other face.

At the tippy top of the tipping tower
I had to laugh because
Nobody used escape rope

Heading out of town again 
I found a museum like mausoleum
After piecing the puzzle
The puzzle piece wes pierced
A kabuto crawled through the cracks
"Hello head" I said
"I'm glad your not dead
Though you have a shell like metal
It seems your brain remains."
Then I named him Mecha Mind
and moved him up to No3

 Farther on and my True Self learnt how to curse, swearing is bad, half my health evaporated. Much better of licking opponents like they are candy. Its time to rearrange the roster.
Also now I see how to determine what a move actually does, so I wont make the mistake of cursing again.

I was walking over a bridge thinking about a fishing rod when I heard the sound of lightning. then out of my backpack came... Kirby's Star?


Sleepy sheepy :)

curiouser and curiouser, On arriving in town a MIB is blocking the GYM, all he says is that slowpokes taste nice. I thought we were all vegans? I do recall somebody tried to sell me one of these, but they cos more than a bank. Why would I be able to afford something like that? I don't even have a bike?
To the north a grandpa left home to eat slowpokes, or something, at the well. Which I couldn't find even though I chased him out of the house. Sprightly old fellow. Then there was this:
 All these mysteries, I think I need a coffee

Found the well, the old man fell in, I wonder if there is a pussy cat here too?
Also he called me Gutsy like Naruto :) probably because I chased him from his home :D

I always wonder if one of the team rocket people is actually a ditto transformed. That may make the cannibals.