Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frogs Shinys

So lots of not much happened for a while.
Then Ten saw me playing and revelations were had.

Apparently Anoki Axe is OP and broken,
Thats why her confusion is so effective
Mostly Anoiki has been my last rezort in trainer battles,
switching in and out to use heal bell 
to cure poison,paralasis and sleep.
Then in the long grass confusion 
is a quick was to beat lvl3's

Had been using the Space-Bar in 
all pokecenters and many fights
I know whats happening and dont really 
need to read everything. But now I've 
found the Turbo mode, and at 200% 
speed I'm moving as fast as the 
newer games default speed.

Then while I had noted my Mecha Mind Transormation
I was too distracted by my Minds new legs
and newfound ability to surf to notice
the odd mossy tinge my mind had developed
He kind of blended in with the other odd colours.
Now I just have to keep the Absorb ability
With a little research I could have as well as a
red garadose, Gold magicarp a scary black soul
 Definatly cooler
Though 200% speed is a lot slower
than the battles I'd gotten used to.
Nobody else has an interesting 
Shiny color


O'h also yesterday immediately after
My mind meld morphed, Kowai-Sama
Also grew up, happiness threshold exceeded.
Had I mentioned finding her? I "found"
three scary cute pink puffballs
before one decided to join my cause.

My current obstacle is the dragon Gym
Cant get in unless I'm a dragon user
I thought Garadose was a dragon,
but flying is his specialty. Though
he cant actually learn to fly :(
So it seems fishing on route 45
is what I must do to survive.

As for play, thats not what I've done today.