Thursday, July 4, 2013

and then I got bored partway through the post

So its been a fairly chaotic few weeks. First off nobody wanted to talk to me so I played pokemon by myself for a week, then when I found out Josh couldn’t keep up with me I gave up on that. The school holidays took me by surprise and so when everything I usually do in an evening was in hiatus I had no backup plans. So with Nobody wanting to catchup with me I caught up on Fairy Tale and watched all of the Palmtop Tiger. I really surprised myself at how much I enjoyed a romance/ schoolyard anime.  Aside from enjoying it I could see myself in several places and other people that I know as well, gave me food for thought.
Then Nicole came to visit and broke my facebook. But upon realizing that for nearly a month the only use I had gotten out of facebook was the Technomancers page I really didn’t care. Next week sometime my brothers will arrive for a visit and somebody will have to sleep on the floor.
As for the other third of my days, the crush is mostly under way. Today we will have switched onto NIR payment and that will set the tone for the next five months, though I wont really have a routine until the Juice Analysts have had a go at fibre sampling on shift (will take a fortnight). There have been a few tears, lost jobs and a lot of overtime and mistakes in the lab the last two weeks. Most of us have survived and it shouldne be that messy again until the start of next crush, hopefully we can have a pre-season again. Things run so much smoother when the payment is non-relative and company farmers complain a lot less about missing results.
What else?
Sharing, nope I’ve mostly been a loaner of late
Preparation, I really should sort out my airfairs/ Bodycorp/ Pov-Ray video/ Roraract calendar
Efficiency, cant save any more than I am and I’ve nearly lost patience to buy the car I want
Logarithmic multiplications