Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Wizard of ID Sojourns

From last weeks paper.
In the above Wizard of ID pretty much everything is about Жизньμαι:
Rodney, Wiz and Drunk are practicing жизньμαιじつ. Their Ryu contains a table and chairs, I gather they are using a 1D6 and possibly a D20? The King жизньμαιわない or at least he intimates that he disapproves, though I suspect that he may have жизньμαιった before. Generally speaking I жизньμαιわない all of them as I’m only receiving what’s going on in their world and not able to change the course of history at all. I’d say Rodney is focussed in his Жизньμαιっている that he wouldn’t have noticed what King said. Rodney seems to have Жизньμαιう the vessel of a “Marketing Executive” but I can’t tell what the others have Жизньμαιう. All in all a good example of Жизньμαι in something that’s not an E-Sport.
I've reformatted the definitions a little, all now presented as suffixes of жизньμαι

[Noun] Жизньμαι (zhiznmai)
Definition] The symbiotic relationship between the ingame Player Character and the person in Real Life controlling them. Is the abbreviated for the following words and can be further abbreviated to ЖΙじ (zizi).

[Definition] Able to be controlled in this manner, the world must allow this, and the vessel cannot be an NPC.
[Example] The specific act of Жизньμαι as we know it occurs as part of a sojourn in a Ryu where an ad-hoc LAN has been setup.

[Noun] ~じつ (Zhiznmaijitsu)

[Definition] The art of possessing another being in an alternate reality. Particularly an electronic entity, though also including tabletop games and “Chose your own adventure” novels. Performing Жизньμαι.
[Example] My hobbies include Kitesurfing, жизньμαιじつ, dancing and cosplay.
[Antonym] Cosplay

[Adjective][~ing] ~っている (Zhiznma_teiru)

[Definition] Parallel to zhiznmaiing. The state of being when logged in, meditative in RL but focused on your vessel ingame, aware of both realities.
[Example] He was so entranced in Жизньμαιっている the pizza went cold; any interruptions were met with the phrase “Just one more block”

[Adjective] ~う (Zhiznmau)

[Definition] To overpower the will of an electronic vessel or avatar making them the Player Character or Avatar of your choosing. In some instances though, as in Red Alert, the one performing Жизньμαιう remains without a physical presence as an omnipresent authoritative figure.
[Example] What do we do on a sojourn? Well we chose a world and Жизньμαιう some locals, then see what evils we can vanquish.

[Adjective] ~った (Zhiznma_ta)

[Definition] Past tense of zhiznmau.
[Example] Back in the day I жизньμαιった (zhiznma_ta) but no longer, Life got in the way… and gardening.

[Adjective] ~わない (Zhiznmawanai)

[Definition] negative form of жизньμαιう
[Example] I жизньμαιわない (zhiznmawanai), so I can eat pizza, its too much to concentrate on the both at the same time.
[Example] As a general rule of thumb you can’t жизньμαιう a vessel in a movie or song, the interface is one way and you can only receive information. You also жизньμαιわない NPC’s, by their very definition.

[Noun] ~????

[Definition] The equipment required to form the relationship.
[Example] For example Gameboy, Occulas, keyboard, d12.