Monday, March 4, 2013


What do youse think of this?

What's a better word for what we (Technomancers) do than LAN?
E-Sports? Sojourn? Local Area Network?
Lost where I initially wrote this but the alternate word to lanning that I was working with was psizomaijitsu.
Psi from the Greek for soul/spirit/breath of life
δαιμονίζομαι  daimonizomai Greek for demon possession. It was a struggle to find a single word for this that didn’t primarily mean I possess a car. (daimon = daemon

 Jitsu the Japanese word for art/skill, from 忍術 ninjustu that arts if the ninja.
Unfortunately it sounds a bit like saying size-of-my, so I think another prefix would be better. 

And Then ...
Eventually with the help of Deo and Revi I have a somewhat Dictionary definition

Жизньμαιじつ (Zhiznmaijitsu)

Etymology: Multinational compound word from:
Russian жизнь (zhizn) Life/spirit/soul/practice. душа is the more common word and may be more semantically correct and holistic, but less poetic. Жизнь possibly comes from せいしん (seishin) japanese for spirit/soul/thingy.
Greek δαιμονίζομαι (demaizomai) Posessed,  to have your physical body passivated by an ethereal persona, in this context a daemon. Λέλνμαι is the first person passive indicative. Μαι then is to be made passive by the afore mentioned. An example of this is μνηστεύομαι (betrothed), which is also not in wiktionary.
Japanese (ji-tsu) the art/skill thereof, pronounced (じつ for hiragana and ジツ in katakana)

[Noun] Жизньμαιじつ (Zhiznmaijitsu)
[Definition] The art of possessing another being in an alternate reality. Particularly an electronic entity, though also including tabletop games and “Chose your own adventure” novels. Performing Жизньμαι. ЖΙじ (zizi) is the abbreviated form.
[Antonym] Cosplay

Derived terms:
 [Definition] The state of being when logged in, meditative in RL but focused on your vessel ingame, aware of both realities.
[Example] He was so entranced in the ?????? the pizza went cold; any interruptions were met with the phrase “Just one more block”

[Definition] The symbiotic relationship between the ingame Player Character and the person in Real Life controlling them.

[Definition] The equipment required to form the relationship. For example Gameboy, Occulas, keyboard, d12.

[Adjective] Жизньμαιう (Zhiznmau)
[Definition] To overpower the will of an electronic vessel or avatar making them the Player Character or Avatar of your choosing. In some instances though, as in Red Alert, the one performing  Жизньμαιう remains without a physical presence as an omnipresent authoritative figure.
[Example] What do we do on a sojourn? Well we chose a world and Жизньμαιう some locals, then see what evils we can vanquish.

[Definition] able to be controlled in this manner, the world must allow this, and the vessel cannot be an NPC.
[Example] As a general rule of thumb you cant жизньμαιう a vessel in a movie or song, the interface is one way and you can only receive information. Therefore it is ????

[Verb][plain positive] Жизньμαιう (Zhiznmau)
[Definition] to possess/control a vessel with ones self/thoughts/spirit.
[Example] I жизньμαιう (zhiznmau) vessels.

[past tense of жизньμαιう] Жизньμαιった (Zhiznma_ta)
[Definition] I used to жизньμαιう = I have жизньμαιった.
[Example] Back in the day I жизньμαιった (zhiznma_ta) but no longer, Life got in the way… and gardening.

[~ing] Жизньμαιっている(Zhiznma_teiru)
[Definition] I am doing жизньμαι = жизньμαιっている

[negative form of жизньμαιう] Жизньμαιわない (Zhiznmawanai)
[Definition] I don't жизньμαιう = I жизньμαιわない.
[Example] I жизньμαιわない (zhiznmawanai), so I can eat pizza.
Then to Quote Deo
"Now; when I play minecraft I practice Zhiznmaijitsu at a ryuha by forming an avatar in order to be able to zhiznmau a character in game. Generally when I'm zhiznmatteiru I'm in front of a computer screen. I have zhiznmatta in the past and I will zhiznmau in the future. I enjoy zhiznmatteiru vessels and exploring their worlds, however most of my life I zhiznmawaranai as most things require more attention than I can give them if I am in a (state of zhiznmai)."

~Note: there are a few gaps to fill butt he first word is the most important and the rest are just contextual changes to the Japanese pronunciation.