Thursday, March 21, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #5

So over the last 2 weeks I’ve been chatting on the whirlpool forums and driving a few cars.

Honda Civic:
Just felt like a normal car, the engine was quiet.

Swift: GA<GL<RE.2<GLE<Sport
Was a GLE auto, tiny turning circle. Decently fun. I should take it past the “S” bend at Avoca school to see its grip and tilt at 60kph. Also to drive it past a truck to see how it gets buffeted by the wind. Would be much more attractive if an auto didn’t cost $27K, also a bit concerned about the highway capability of a full load and 1.6L engine.

Mazda3: Neo<Maxx Sport<SP20<SP25
Nicest car so far I think. I tried the Neo Hatch. Probably go for a 2010 MAXX Sport if I can find one. It still feels like a large car and I’d probably keep it for a long time. Very flat and stable on the road, still good acceleration from 60-100Kph. Need to confirm when Bluetooth/USB/Aux was introduced.

Lancer: ES<LS<VRX<Ralliart<Evolution
No hatchbacks nearby, drove similar to the Mazda3, in both the car is quiet at slow speeds so most of the road noise must come from the tyres. Drove during the rain and the traction control is a good thing. Possibly no Aux input to the stereo, again need to check. Also this is the car that pushed me into the seat upon accelerating. Not many seem available on the 2nd hand market, possibly due to the 5yr base warranty?

Haven’t driven it, wins awards and stuff.

The best place to get car buying advice is from somebody who is also buying a car.

Forum topic #2 I asked about the Lancer Vs Mazda3, lots of people seem to compare these cars.
Forum topic #1 Civic Vs Swift, Prefer the swift but it has flaws.
Bike rack on the boot lid is an alternative to boot space
ROFLHarris’s Thingy is an alternative sound input and blutooth device, using a FM radio transmitter.

To recap:
  • To not hurry because the car should last 10+ years before I decide to replace it
  • USB connection for stereo, to charge and play music (3.1 media jack too) Need to test.
  • Primarily Practical
  • Scenario 1: Going kitesurfing, need to fit the kiteboard 1450x440mm + bag 800x400x400mm + 1 passenger.
  • Scenario 2: Camping, swag 800x400x400mm + clothes 800x400x400mm + esky 300x600x400mm
  • Scenario 3: Comfortably drive from Bundaberg to Roma (7h, 600km) without needing to stop other than lunch
  • Scenario 4: Do I spend 90% of my time in my care alone?  Like for shopping and when it's raining and I dont want to take my bike.
  • Scenario 5: Giving 2 people a lift home from a sojourn, late at night, in the rain, with three PC's in the back, listening to Synthcore orchestral Jazz.
  • Aside from the above, Smallish and lighter: so its zippy around corners, as I don’t slow down much for them. Also smaller lighter car is better for parking and economy and power to weight ratio.
  • Zoominess / ability-to-take-corners-at-somewhat-unsafe-speeds. Because I’m old enough to know better but young enough to still do it anyway.
  • A newish~$20,000 or a MY10 with Service history.
  • Auto: now seems like a fine Idea. Had a bit more practice and though it is an achievable skill I don’t feel its necessary. I can use the extra concentration to talk to people and the left hand to drink coffee whilst driving, also avoiding some of the stress of city driving.
  • Decepticon car badge ~$4
  • Powerpoint in boot for possible car fridge? Or miscellaneous electronica equipment

seems there are currently three possible 2nd hand Lancers: 16-18K (30K for ralliart)
and eleven possible Mazda3's in queensland : 17-24K

twelve new auto swifts 25-27K,
 but three manuals from 2010: 25-19k