Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #4

Still liking the idea of an older car with service history but cant get an auto swift that way.

  • To not hurry because the car should last 10+ years before I decide to replace it
  • USB connection for stereo, to charge and play music (3.1 media jack too) Need to test.
  • Primarily Practical
  • Scenario 1: Going kitesurfing, need to fit the kiteboard 1450x440mm + bag 800x400x400mm + 1 passenger.
  • Scenario 2: Camping, swag 800x400x400mm + clothes 800x400x400mm + esky 300x600x400mm
  • Scenario 3:  Comfortably drive from Bundaberg to Roma (7h, 600km) without needing to stop other than lunch
  • Scenario 4: Do I spend 90% of my time in my care alone?  Like for shopping and when it's raining and I dont want to take my bike. May as well be sporty as a motorcycle with a raincover and safer.
  • Scenario 5: Giving 2 people a lift home from a sojourn, late at night, in the rain, with three PC's in the back, listening to Synthcore orchestral Jazz.
  • Aside from the above, Smallish and lighter: so its zippy around corners, as I don’t slow down much for them. Also smaller lighter car is better for parking and economy and power to weight ratio.
  • A newish~$20,000 or a 3yo $10,000 with Service history.
  • Auto: now seems like a fine Idea. Had a bit more practice and though it is an achievable skill I don’t feel its necessary. I can use the extra concentration to talk to people and the left hand to drink coffee whilst driving, also avoiding some of the stress of city driving.
  • Decepticon car badge ~$4
  • Powerpoint in boot for posible carfridge?
Suzuki swift sport $26k
other models have 1.4L engine
still on the cards because it is: Small, cheap to run & maintain, KW/kg ratio, decent to drive.
Concerned about: cabable on highway, need to trial fitting my bike in. "P" platers drive them

Mazda 3 Neo $22k
other mazda 3's only have extra trim
Pro: Levi & Tony just got one, mecanics like, everybody has one
Con: larger than swift, less economical

Civic VTI-S $24k
other models and 2013 add more trim.
pro: normal car
con: Normal car

SX4 is the smallest AWD I have seen
ix35 has a limited edition atm for $30K with heaps of extras.
Found a car choser better than the one on TopGear
i30 seems to win a lot of awards
i30 Diesel 2008 for 12K  kW/kg=0.0608
i30 Petrol 2008 for 12K  kW/kg=0.0763
Lancer sportback 2008 for 12K  kW/kg=0.0844
Mazda 3 MAXX Sport 2005 for 14K  kW/kg=0.0850 
Holden Vectra 2006 for 12K  kW/kg=0.1013 (11L/100k, worse than my current car)
and no I wasnt looking at cars for 12K I searched by year.

So after a bit more of a chat with Eddie, see below. And earlier in the day I had confirmed that my bike doesnt fit into a (2009) swift by about 6cm. Sure I could get roof racks for $300 from Rhino Rack. or for $380 a towbar kit can be installed from TowbarsAustralia I suppose then I would also get the wiring for a power socket in the boot. But then apparently I dont need a towbar per say. Seems here I have a choice of three that attatch to the frame of the hatch, the one that doesnt obsure anything costs $360.
Anyway thats just not going to be neat and is enough of a motivation for me to focus on 2nd hand cars. Though I may be swayed if I can drive an Auto Swift Sport.