Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last Rezort font

The Last rezort font Seems pretty cool. Particularly plane 15&16 󰿂􀺴. They are so far out of this world that they are colloquially called the astral planes. It seems that anything you are likely to experience exists within plane0. Plane1 includes things like all the Egyptian hieroglyphs and Emoji.

I wonder how hard it would be to create a new font? I wonder how the files are formatted? Potentially I could handwrite the Latin alphabet and scan it into the computer then save each character individually as a SVG. Because SVG files should be easy to increase in size. It would be bens handwritten font, I wonder if that process could be patented? I should ask Sandy, pretty sure she has reformatted a font before.

If that works a little bit I probably know a couple of people who could contribute their native script. That would be exiting then, to have a Unicode font to use other than MS Mincho/Arial Unicode MS for Жизньμαιじつ.