Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Жизньμαιじつ: Related terms

In relation to Жизньμαιじつ

Related terms:
[Adjective] Vessel
[Definition] Those who are or can be ?????. Avatar (As in Skyrim/World of Warcraft.. Typical of chose your own adventure and multiplayer.) Or a NPC as in Tomb Raider/Deus Ex. Typical of plots with cutscenes and storytelling.or just an Omnipresent Authoritive figure ( Black&White, X-COM, Red Alert, Dwarf Fortress)
[Example] What Vessel do you prefer, an avatar you can fully manipulate or a PC who has some free will?

[Noun] 流派 (ryūha)
[Definition] A school or place of residence in which a jitsu is practiced. Generally prefixed by the name of the institution/school.
[Example] I formed the club “Technomancers Sojourn Inc.” because it sounded fun and people didn’t believe that playing computergames was a sport. So I setup Technomancers流派 so me and my friends can practice our skills at Жизньμαιじつ and have business cards and stuff.

[] Sojourn
[Definition] A group activity in an alternate reality. Usually occurring at a temporary Local Area Network with the primary focus of playing E-Sports
[Example] Do we have a Sojourn on this Thursday?

[] Psychosomatic Anoikis
[Definition] Psychosomatic, in relation to medicine and pertaining to both the mind and the body.  A physical disease that has a mental cause.

[Definition] Anoikis, a form of Programmed cell death that occurs when the organelles of a cell become dislodged from their matrix.
[Definition]Together they refer to the interruption to the life of your Vessel that is immediately followed by a Respawn.

[Noun] Permadeath
[Definition] An unrecoverable death from which your Vessel cannot respawn. Occasionally perameath can be negated by Save-Loading.
[Example] The enemies don’t get stronger in hardcore mode, but there is permadeath, any slipup will be fatal.

[Verb] respawn
[Definition] To re enter play after getting gilled, also applies to some inanimate objects.
[Example] It’s best to lightup the spawn area, otherwise you risk respawning next to a creeper.

[Noun] LAN
[Definition] Local Area Network: a collection of electronic devices in a small area communicating with each other.
[Example] Your LAN bag should always have a powerboard, spare switch/hub and 2x Ethernet cables because somebody always forgets.

[Noun] E-Sport
[Definition] electronic sport, like a League of Legends Tournament.

[] Player Character (PC)

[] Non- Player Character (NPC)

~Any others? Suggestions of blanks to fill in?