Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #3

Dad made me unsure of what I am after + I test drove a Swift and it was manual, I was focused on that one aspect I didnt notice much else about the car. Seems while I can drive a manual I'm certainly out of practice. Also the bike is nolonger a feature if I have a towbar even if it gets used for nothing else.....

  • To not hurry because the car should last 10+ years before I decide to replace it.
  • Primarily Practical
  • Scenario 1: Going kitesurfing, need to fit the kiteboard 1450x440mm + bag 800x400x400mm + 1 passenger.
  • Scenario 2: Camping, swag 800x400x400mm + clothes 800x400x400mm + esky 300x600x400mm
  • Scenario 3:  Comfortably drive from Bundaberg to Roma (7h, 600km) without needing to stop other than lunch
  • Scenario 4: Do I spend 90% of my time in my care alone?  Like for shopping and when it's raining and I dont want to take my bike. May as well be sporty as a motorcycle with a raincover and safer.
  • Scenario 5: Giving 2 people a lift home from a sojourn, late at night, in the rain, with three PC's in the back, listening to Synthcore orchestral Jazz.
  • Aside from the above, Smallish and lighter: so its zippy around corners, as I don’t slow down much for them. Also smaller lighter car is better for parking and economy and power to weight ratio.
  • USB connection for stereo, to charge and play music (3.1 media jack too)
  • A newish~$20,000 or a 3yo $10,000 with Service history.
  • Auto: Unless I practice first, too hard to testdrive otherwise.
  • Decepticon car badge ~$4
Old Car:
Commodore VR 95 sedan
VIN 6H8VRK19HSL780486
3rd owner
Service history
Mag wheels + Spoiler
Auto Petrol
car seems to be worth $2-3k
0.1036 KW/kg (150KW)
0.1381 KW/kg (200KW), no comparison to the following.

Possible new car?
With dads suggestion of no less than a 1.6L engine.
these are 2L and not as economical as the swift
Larger and will fit scenario 1&2 better

0.0788 KW/kg (diesel though)

0.0814 KW/kg

0.0829 KW/kg

0.0844 KW/kg

0.0866 KW/kg

Swift Sport
0.0917 KW/kg

RACQ compares Hyundai Veloster+, Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo, Suzuki Swift Sport
RACQ running cost comparison favours the swift (base) substantially.

So when I found the local Suzuki Dealership
Auto, 5y warranty, 2012 plates
GA     $17,690
GL     $18,690
Ext     $19,690
Sport $26,990 
They didnt have an auto sport for me to drive,  but I did have a ride in one. 
The GLX though, U-turns are very easy, is quick to turn and touch on the accelerator. takes a while to start accelerating then when I'm done felt like it was about to go for it. I didnt think to try the paddleshift pretend-to-be-manual gears. Comfortable enough in the seat though they are better in the Sport. Towbar is still a maybe and i may be able to downgrade the tyres if I like. Also unfortunately there is verry little outward difference between the models.
Al this though is in relation to my commodore, tomorrow I'll try to trial a Civic VTi-S for a modern comparison.