Saturday, March 2, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #3

And again I've changed my mind...

  • To not hurry because the car should last 10+ years before I decide to replace it.
  • Practical
  • Hatchback: To fit my bike (or kiteboard +swag + passenger with 2xPCs). Sedans are too small wagons too big.
  • Scenario 1: Going kitesurfing, need to fit the kiteboard 1450x440mm + bag 800x400x400mm + 1 passenger.
  • Scenario 2: Camping, swag 800x400x400mm + clothes 800x400x400mm + esky 300x600x400mm
  • Smallish and lighter: so its zippy around corners, as I don’t slow down much for them. Also smaller lighter car is better for parking and economy and power to weight ratio.
  • ??? Anchor points in the back for kiddie seats. Or just change car when relevant? Should at least have 9months lead time.
  • USB connection for stereo, to charge and play music (3.1 media jack too)
  • ~$20,000 with a $10,000 loan from grandma, may mean second hand may not.
  • <$30k, don’t want to break the bank + all the cars here seem Luxury or racing cars and I may like that too much.
  • Auto: Manual will be more fun (not in briz) but auto is easier, lots. Some cars have both!
  • New or just out of warranty (3yo): Don't need another 10yo "my first car"
  • Petrol? Able to take regular unleaded petrol, not restricted to premium. Though I’ll probably keep using premium on long trips.
  • Diesel? Economy is better when turbocharges and will always be able to find fuel for it.
  • Decepticon car badge ~$4
  • Comfortably drive from Bundaberg to Roma (7h, 600km) without needing to stop other than lunch.
Old Car:
Commodore VR 95 sedan
VIN 6H8VRK19HSL780486
3rd owner
Service history
Mag wheels + Spoiler
Auto Petrol
car seems to be worth $2-3k

Possible new car?

Subaru Impreza is actually really large, about what I have now.

Hyundai i30 GD Active (YouTube Review)
Diesel, 5.6L/100km

VW Polo - a less sporty cheaper Golf
Diesel, 4.6L/100km

Suzuki Swift (Sport) (example) (Youtube Revirew)
Unleaded 6.1L/100
$20K ($25K)
not sure how it will handle dirt roads, particularly the sport.

Yeah I think the swift sounds good, mainly one reviewer said its the spiritual successor of the old MINI. Just need to take one for a drive and see exactly what the boot fits.

A 3yo sport varies from $13-21K But they are all manual. After that they seem to lose $1K per year.
The autos are more expensive in the begining and only seem to have been releaced in 2012.
economy goes from 7.3 in 2010 to 6.5l/100k in 2012 (for the manual)
They also require Premium, how much of a hassle will that be?
costs 4K to drive out the garage, but I can get a 2012 demo for 21K. (sameas a used 2012 model)
... so a new 2012 for ~21K or a nearly out of warrenty 3yo for 13K

Regular Swift GLX on the other hand:
Costs the same as my car at the same age.
Can buy a new 2011 that has 0km?

So from here I need to:
Actually test drive something

Put at least my kiteboard into the back.
How much of a hessle will the premium petrol requirement be?
Whats it like offroad?
Possibly get a $13K 3yo Sport from a used car dealer, trading in mine for 1-3K.