Friday, October 7, 2011

Anoikis's Warband 4: Snow for Perl

4 Snow for Perl

It seems to me that I am getting underestimated. I thought by wearing a bikini and uggboots the locals would think I am realy tough. but they seem to look down on me for being a girl. Every time I beseige a castle or town they tell me they will die of old age soon and they have lots of food for me to take. I'll show them, I'll take evey town thats going.

And that is what I did. I climed the ladders I ran up ramps I jumped through crenelations, I used a sword a connon, grenades. meat clevers, military cleavers, arrows, javalins. I came from behond. I jumped on peoples heads. And eventually I prevailed untill there was only one castle left.

Now that I have nearly as many towns as the origional sultinate I am having trouble defending them all. It seems 1 lord on my side is insuficient when they have 19. So I have decided to promote Kat and give her the next title deed. But first I need to model her after myself. Ugg boots and all.

I though I may say hello to the last of the veigars before I took their castle. Then they gave me a quest and asked me to be civil with them. Then the last lord wants my second best physician to have a look at his friend? What about me? It isnt fair I've done my best and I'm better than him. Boyar Doru must be sexist. Never the less I decided to help.

In fact that put me in a bit of a benelovent mood. I thik I will leave this castle as the last stronghold of the veigars. I dont feel like a truce though because I still have their king and a few nobles captured. So
 I'll head back to the desert to get a tan.

Well would you look at that. It seems Kat the Cook cas bitten off a bit more than she could chew. I hope she is still wearing the uniform that I gave her.

LOL, she was. She all high and mighty now that she is a lord. I dont know about that. Although it seems my other companions are getting a bit expensive. I suppose I will need to give them their own banner later to save me some cash.
So I have been poking around some more at the tournaments. Chatting to the Lords of the Sand when they are nearby, and whacking them with an axe if they disagree with me.

Axes are interesting. Eventually I found out that when you use an axe people cannot block your strikes, thats why it was working so much better than the dark king's two-handed sword. When taking a castle I seem to get crowded a lot so I have been hunting for the smallest fastest weapond avaliable. Otherwise I keep hitting the walls and my companions take all the experience.
Its also a good idea to have a ranged weapon handy, for when they are just out of reach. But bows keep me too far away from the action so I have been using throwing knives, or axes. Anoikis the axe bringer, I like that.

Here are some other pics of me in seiges:
 He was the last man standing, all his comrades were dead or captured. after a while he jumped.
 Duo skeletal charge. I looked but I didnt find anymore skeletons to recruite.
The seiges are rather drawn out and they get a bit tiring and chaotic at the end. my people are red the enemy is silver.