Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is a a better term than LAN to describe what we do?

At a “LAN Party” we generally transpose a digital manifestation of our soul into the alternate reality of the chosen game.

Is there some sort of extra planar entity in a rougelike monster compendium that we can model ourselves after. Something that can transplant its soul into different world. that can reset reality when bad things happen. we fear the blue screen of death. We can easily adapt to new surroundings and shapechange from Mario to Chell to a tynanid hivemind.

Escapism comes to mind. We are able to transplant our selves into the new world and participate within its rigid set of rules. with level ups and only completing tasks if they are defined within quests or recorded as achievements.

So when we participate in a LAN we travel together cooperatively in to an alternate reality in which we overcome conflict. While in this reality we posses one of the locals, call them a protagonist and mold them to our will, evolving them as we see fit. At times treating them like lemmings, sometimes 
 developing a relationship.

Does “Astral travel” kind of fit what happens? no not really it seems to involve a passive physical body. But our fingers in particular are definitely not passive when gaming.
The mindcrafter in ADOM sort of fits. I thought he could posses critters as well, but that isn't the case. maybe it was TOME where I did that.

Hard to tell, the new tome is rather small as they are remaking the game. But I did find an old TOME that could be good for LAN, I think the loremasters had Symbiotic powers that allowed them to inhabit recently vacated corpses. Posessor was the class I was looking for. This requires some research. Found the old files here.