Friday, October 28, 2011

Do communities die?

In order to die, you must first live. Life is the period of time between birth and death.

There are several qualities used to determine Life, I think you need most to qualify.
  1. Homeostasis: Rules and regulations to define how it runs. There is a constitution as well.
  2. Organization: President, Secretary, Treasurer; Delegated subcommittees.
  3. Metabolism: Consumes the energy of money and paperwork. Excretes more paperwork.
  4. Growth: Communities don't grow like snowflakes, they grow like cancer. Government funding can stimulate growth and apathy can make growth retarded.
  5. Adaptation: The Laws change and communities can migrate from one country to another. Like Octoberfest migrating from Germany to Australia.
  6. Response to stimuli: If the management committee all get food poisoning from bad Natto (is that ever good?) and die, then a new committee can be formed from the remaining members. And since all the new management live in surfer shacks on the beach the meetings now take place by the sea shore and they eat fresh fish cooked in a hangi.
  7. Reproduction: Primarily asexually But nowadays with woman's rights sexual reproduction between two organisms is possible. Like there may be too many people in minicolts, so the club spawns an offshoot to increase the size of the football league. Or maybe all the husbands want to have a go at Roller Derby, So they form a new club to compete with their wives.

Seems to me that communities must defiantly be living things. They can be as small as the church of the flying spaghetti monster or as big as AA. They may be as extinct ans the Babylonian's or as new age as the new agers.