Monday, October 10, 2011

Anoikis the Fabled: Fable III

Anoikis the Fabled. Who am I? Am I an ethereal entity? Yes, yes I am. Can I interact with the environment, no I cannot. It seems I need to Embody something.
Oh look there is a bloke and a Sheela, I suppose I can reside my sole within one of them for a time. Hrm Which one? I think the Sheela looks a bit like a nurse and the bloke doesn't look like a doctor.

So here I am in a female body, and its in a bed, and I'm sleeping with a dog. Hrm I didn't think I was into that sort of thing, maybe I am mistaken.
 The butler woke me up and told me I was lazy, so I wondered around the room and put off getting dressed as long as possible. There was a telescope at the window and some books. but I was too lazy to use any of it.
Eventually I put on some practical clothes and went to meet some bloke. There was a gardener along the way so we held hands and I took him to see the other person.

Apparently we know each other quite well and he is a bit of a general, and so is my dog, my dog must be male.

I hug the bloke a powered up hug. I wonder if I can get a combo hug? and KO him with a hug?

Eventually I got another chance to make a choice. The king called Brother will kill whoever I chose, the friendly general or a group of noisy people. King Brothers doesn't seem very naive so I figure he will kill everybody to spite me. So I said nothing. And he did kill everybody to spite me. Now my butler is unhappy and we are going camping. Yay, camping.

But first I had to go to a pocket plane, apparently my destiny is set in stone and lots of other people have trod the same path. Maybe it is a never ending cycle, maybe this is all a recurring dream of mine and none of it is real?

Continuing deeper into the tomb I found myself wondering if my first fight will be against the mummified remains of the previous heroes that dotted the path. But no just bats. I suppose that fits better than giant rats or slimes. Maybe this path leads to the Arkham Asylum? Although there were only small bats so maybe not.

Conveniently I will never get lost as unlike in Neverwinter where I kept getting lost in hallways I now have a glowing sparkly path to follow. If I meet any wicked witches I will call the path the yellow brick road but for now it is imaginary pixi dust. I don't seem to be able to get rid of it I tried shaking my head and everything. Nobody else seems to notice it.

I wonder if here too I can wear a bikini and ugg boots just like in the kingdom on the Veigars? The first town I visit is in the snow just like the veigars had and they also wear ugg boots. the similarities are endless.

 Never mind some stray dogs that caught fire accidentally in the snow. my next enemy was some undead skeletons. although I did try to talk to them at first they were not very expressive and seemed to cut me in half with a massive cleaver. never mind though I barely felt a thing.

 My mate the fighter got some dude in the pub so drunk that he passed out. Then asked me to steal all his clothes. around the corner there was a bed that I can use. Apparently beds are for sex? This is a strange worlds indeed. At least I have a choice about using the bed, it seems unavoidable that I now have to wear a moustache. Its horrible and black and itchy and not very dignifies and I cant wait to get rid of it. Just like Movember, and this isn't even for a good cause.