Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anoikis the Fabled: Choices choices

Anoikis the Fabled: Choices choices

Finally I am free of the moustache, all the townsfolk already thought I was a comedian. then one of the bandits called me steve, so I shot him and took the moustache off. Evidently my rifle has magic homing bullets and if I shoot in the general vicinity of my opponent the bullet always reaches their heart. Now is that nifty. Also lighting makes skeletons. not living ones. Jiust ornamental. But thats OK I guess.

Hold the phone, I'm Immortal. Some big boss dude is throwing Molotov cocktails at me and I am electrocuting myself and occasionally I fall over but it seems to me that I am immortal.

After some time passed the big fellow got electrocuted slowly. Then he apologized so I helped him up off the ground. I think I made a new friend.

My next quest involves finding some chickens that are more intelligent than townsfolk. I am assured that it will be quite easy. Turns out it was an easy quest and the Chickens really are a lot smarter than all the villagers. Shall I kill them to save these poop people from their chicken overlords? Or shall I defend the chickens as they will surely be able to teach the villages many things.
I think I will allow the chicken to live and prosper. They are much more deserving than these townsfolk who keep wanting to shake my hands for some bizarre reason. This decision seems to have caused the entire structure of the world to collapse. Enough so that I have to power cycle the entire universal system.
Either I went back in time of the chickens escaped again. next time they will not have a second chance...

My next task was to play a play. I got to meet some ghosts that were very nice, I showed some affection then they attacked me, then they stopped and were nice again. I like the ghosts much better than the chickens.

Afterwards I got to watch the play. I didn't really understand what was happening but I felt a bit naked. these people seem to laugh at me. They are nor impressed by my constitution at all. I suppose it looses the effect when its not snowing. Seems I'll quit being a Berzerker for now.

 I lost my imaginary pixi dust. But then I found it again. All I needed to do was climb inside my pocket and play with my model train set (it has no trains) until I find a person with a glowing explanation mark. Then I hit them with the old  One Two Combo and whala. Back on track, walking on pixi dust.

I found a gift inside my pocket too. I was given a choice. Not the normal choice of Gratefully accept/ regretfully decline. My choice was to begrudgingly accept my destiny or Refuse to interact with the world anymore. As I stood there pondering the gift I realised that all my decisions have been like that.