Monday, October 17, 2011

Anoikis the Fabled: Pixi dust Paradise

Anoikis the Fabled: Pixi dust Paradise

I got to play a tabletop game with some teenage boys, it was very well done and seemed much more real that the real world. I wonder how that can be?

Since the Boss of Bandits taught me that heroes are immortal I followed his lead and combined the magic of fire and lightning to share. It seems to me that shooting behind my back is a little too flashy and nobody has acknowledged my prowess with the rifle so I gave up on that. While I did whack a few stray dogs with my hammer it just doesn’t have the same effect as using an axe. I miss Anoikis’s Axes, they had a certain alliteration about them. At any rate I like Lightning because it makes skeletons and fire seems a nice combo, and since a combo sounds more powerful I’ll stick with that.
It seems that the more I use a skill the better I am at it. This is odd. The magic was way better than melee or ranged at the Beginning of my career (despite my training in the martial arts) and now it is way more better (having been further upgraded to More). I’ll need to find some massively mechanically maiming hardware to compete with my mastery of magic.
In fact now I am a Sith Lord, nearly, Just need to eat some more baby chicks to get a fitting aura. My new magic glove allows me to throw enemies back out of melee range. Added to that is a flashy bit of lightning.

I was poking around without my pixi dust and found some bits of a dead dog. Eventually I found the last piece on an alter and put all the rest there too. For a little bit I though I was able to have a pet ghost dog. But it wasn't to be. All Seth the dog wanted was to sleep where a sword was in a mausoleum. Oh well... Maybe I can make my pet dog a dead pet dog? P.S. I named him Saint earlier.

Been a bit of a struggle to keep my diary up to date. there has been a lot of repetitive hole digging that's not really worth mentioning. and a few really interesting places like a musical puzzle in the sand to unlock a golden key. Also I occasionally get attacked by chickens when I sit down to update my journal.

At any rake the most notable thing was that I am now a queen.Although I suppose I was a Princess in the beginning so maybe that shouldn't really be a surprise. I have completely mastered my magic. and although I didn't try to be good I had more gold that I could poke a stick at so I have been very generous. people in the street keep giving me gifts. but they are always material things and I have enough gold to buy them myself if I ever wanted it.
I have bought up nearly every building on the continent. I suppose you could say the land is owned by the crown.
Finding the keys had been a lot more interesting than using them to unlock chests. All the loot I get seems to be less useful weapons or aesthetic. Although it is fun to dig tattoos out of the ground.
Hunting for the gold keys I found a new use for the imaginary pixi dust. I can use it as a breadcrumb trail like Hansel and Gretel when navigating a maze.
While there have been a few moral decisions I've only had a couple of moral dilemmas and they were at the start I think I mentioned them both already. I asked to have a scary blood soaked castle to bring terror to my enemies. but I don't think the decorator has started yet. I've conserved nature. and at the very moment I am making a Balverine preserve.

Do I accept the possibility that zero of my subjects will die in the coming war? Seems fine to me. Interesting side note. When I am adventuring time doesn't pass, there are day night cycles but I have all the time in the world to complete my quests. As soon as I come to do some politics, months disappear.

Turns out that I am a paragon of nobility. for a instant I had wings and looked like an angel. but then I went back to the mortals realm and vanquished the darkness. Wow that was easy I should have done that a long time ago. Now, back to excavating the temple of evil. Once its up and running I'll return to my warband and have some more picnics on the battlefield.