Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Frog had fun

kk so I’ve poked around Kanto a little and I really should let josh catch up. The next challenge will be to beat Ash Ketchum and he will be ~level75. Apparently the best place to train is the elite four. But my team still struggles with the psychic Bill. I think Kowai-Sama’s Ice Beam will be neatly paired to Lance’s Dragons now. The other three were of no consequence last time. But to preserve my party’s PP I’ll need Anoiki Axe, Flash   Cut and the poor old Transportation to prevail against psychics.

Though I really should wait for Josh to catchup….

Incidentally seems there are rumours that the new Pokémon X and Y will have a new type, the Fey to combat Dragons. And the starter pokemon will be pure elementals, not paired with a fighting, poison subtype or anything. The super pokemon in Y is a flying ghost. I wonder if there will be an Ice/Fire combination?

And with this Frog is well and truely finished with a short foray into the past of the Pokeworld. To recap:

#1 frogs-foray-into-frogless-world
#2 frog-fights-feind-and-finds-friend
#3 frogs-toung-twisted
#4 frogs-shinys
#6 frog-not-very-happy-with-hms
#7 frog-used-struggle-it-wasnt-verry
#8 frog-discovers-teamwork

All in all Frog had fun.