Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anoikis's Warband 9: Finally the day has come

Well it's been sach a long time I think I've lost some of my diary but here goes...
I’ve lost a few castles now, the Nord Lords are putting up much more of a fight than the Vague vassals were. I may need to cut my losses while I am ahead. I wonder if they will accept peace with me? That would be nice then I could possibly even make them an ally.
Also I’d forgotten to return to my Court in RiverCreek, there were another 5 blokes waiting to swear allegiance to me. Two of them though seem to be spreading disunity amongst the ranks. When I finish with my current offensive I probably should sort that out.
Another thing on my to do list is to chose a reliable persuasive companion to look after the affairs of state. I’ll probably give them a town & Castle to fund their endeavours.

Art was the man for the job he was building castles now he will be building an empire. Although, lots of things seemed to happen when I gave him the job, so many so that I’m not sure of the repercussions yet. Including peace with the Nords, though none of the Nord Nobles are too fond of me at least the will nolonger attack me.

This has dragged on too long now I really need to aggressively push through to the end. Pretty sure I can take anybody atm but don’t want them to build large armies. If I can attack faster than they can retaliate and take castles quicker than them then I should be fine.
While being present in the battles certainly helps with morale and practically everybody survives the quicker way is to just let the minions have at each other. But then half of them deem to die.

So the sand people no longer have a place to call home, but there are still enough small bands of them running about that they may be able to pull of another siege. With that I went over to the other side of the world to investigate the green rednecks. Their homes were easy enough to overrun but neither they nor the sand people have been willing to admit defeat. Now only the Blue Nerds remain with a home and they won’t acknowledge me as a rightful queen. But I better not declare war on them just yet.

I think I suppressed the green rednecks for a whole week, and thus they surrendered. Unfortunately while I was doing that the sand people have captured a town in one corner of the map and a castle in the opposite. So it may take me a while to eliminate both fortresses and make sure they don’t retake the one while I am besieging the second. Though, I am quietly confident now that I can achieve total victory, soonish, probably.

And again I have a few missing pages.

Nope not remotely soonish. By my estimation in ~150 days I had conquered most of the world. Then maybe 50 days of chasing the sand people from one side of the world to the other, they only had a couple of free bands but every week they seemed to manage to take a castle back from one of my vassals. And yes that leaves about four months trying to find the last 20 or so homeless nerdish nobles so that I can soundly beat them in battle.

It turns out that there is a bug involved here. The rate at which the last few nobles escape from my prisons is greater than the rate at which they reappear on the map. And if it takes a week for them to start acting then for that week they will never surrender. And for the past 4 months there has been at least one nerd free and holed up in some bandit camp preventing my complete conquest. But now that I know what the problem is a solution is easy to find, bring out the TweakMB and let us see what we can do.

Finally the day has come. I think I would have been more satisfied with gaining Girl Power but this is slightly rarer.