Friday, October 25, 2013

Facere Mortis of the White Sea

With level 50 and the title of Death Wind accomplished I have no real need to persist with a solo sojourn through the world of Cybermancy. Although I may yet attempt to raise the required funds to unlock the final research topic "Streumonic Complementarity". Possibly next time I pick up this game Anoiki the OCD Healer will step forward in jolly Co-op. But for the interim its time for another serious look at CKII.

And thus I have arrived, by the Metastrumontic Force I have survived within this blade, by the grip of Facere Mortis and zhiznmau I have possessed Arne. Now he shall be know as Arne av Necrocybermancy and I shall spread my grip on this world. First though I must start small, through guile I’ll supplicate King Harald Hardråde of Norway.

Ah yes nicely done, now Arne is the Count of the Koala Shire and my funds and followers are sure to grow. A comely wench from Rannveig has taken notice of me, her skill at intrigue is nothing to be scoffed at. So I have made sure that Arne falls in love with her. His heritage will be useless without children, I must also see about increasing the size of his court, by whatever means children must be available to me.

With a somewhat stabilised powerbase I believe it is time to think about expanding, though not to much or too quickly. Lest I be found out by the local authorities. The Duchy of Karelen is the De Jure ruler of Koala Country, which should be sufficient for now, and since ally the other country leaders are simple tribesmen nobody will complain if I get a little hostile. The Casus Belli of Catholicism suits me well at this time. And the lakes of Käkisalmi have piqued my interest. From there Arne should be able to work back towards his capitol.

Unfortunately though the strength of my steel was never questioned the arm that wielded me faltered in the first battle. With out the Agnatic-Cognatic Gavelkind succession laws I would have been in a very sticky pickle, fortunately a single female hair remains, my Alpha Female.
Now I need to put myself into the hands of a vassal, but he was an accountant and had no use for Facere Mortis and thus sixteen years I slumber on the wall of the armoury before I am once again able to swing on the hips of power and guide the progress of nations.

Fortunately it was easy to find a matrilineal match, but even better than that my hosts house is filling with children, sweet pliable children. Since the Demesne I have control over now only consists of Koala shire I’ll probably have to take a more peaceful approach to land acquisition. At least until I can foot a reasonable army. Pity, in the old days with my bear killer and a few Invocations of werewolves I’d have been able to decimate an army by myself. With this setback it may be in the third generation that I proceed past the first step of my Brainwashing campaign. That generation should have enough siblings with which to forge some good alliances, though I’m not sure how thick their blood will be.

These Soumenusko tribal villages are constrained by their chaotic-antisocial belief system. They are like children who cannot tell the difference betwix fact and fiction. But I am patient, meek and empathic so this is acceptable for now. After all it is well known that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Gradually my family will grow, once I gain some vassals to influence I should be once again able to subvert the powers that be in the Duchy of Karelen. Then I should finally be able to move onto phase two.

Foistering Institutilisation onto my vassals may require an influx of intriguing courtesans. This should enable governance by a stable technocracy, mainly focused on intrigue. If this goes particularly well my hosts wife will always be his most qualified Spymaster. I will also require a temple of Anoiki with which to seed the papacy with Zhiznmaijitsu. In order to use the solid foundation that Catholicism seems to maintain, I may need to seed influence over its holy sites; Koln, Santiago, Rome & Jerusalem. It may take a few more generations to form appropriate habits amongst my followers, they must believe that my sociopolitical structure is the only valid possibility.

The third stage of my Necrocybermantic brainwashing will be the most dangerous, requiring total Scepticism amongst my followers. Here I will have to be cautious of who I possess next, for a small mistake may see my culture fracture, with the mindless masses of the institutionalised rebelling against all independent thought. If but one person can discard the repetition of tradition and see the true value of old habits This is when Technomancy will be reborn and the great Sojourn can begin anew.

For the final stage, creation of Communal Mysticism. I should no-longer have any followers; once my brain washing is complete the true believers will have realised the limits of logic and come to accept that the mysteries of life are many and paradoxical. Rather than blindly following my guidance or rebelling against my guile. I should have comrades that I can rely upon and look to with respect and equality. They will be able to see through the candles and hymns of tradition but still find value in them. Thus I will be able to transcend this mortal coil and my essence will be free of these Facere Mortis. My hope is that the Saints of Anoiki will be able to thus turn the tide of the church and that independent arms of the House Av Necrocybermancy will persist across the world, driving intrigue and secretly advancing the dark arts of  Metastrumontic Zhiznmaijitsu.