Monday, September 30, 2013

Musings on a replacement car 11

TTGL looks like the anime logo I want most. Thought about Steins;Gate but that doesn’t really have any recognisable icons. Not terribly excited about a shipuuden leaf or what have you and cant think of anything much else. I like Darker than Black but not it’s sequels. Full metal Panic Fomufu? No a teddybear would be better memento for that.
Hmm the TTGL logo may just look like a flaming skull to the ignorant though and I’m not too keen on that.

So after looking for some premade anime seat covers and finding nothing at all I realised that the only reason I want seatcovers is for an anime logo. Now that I know I need something custom made I’m not so frightened of the price. And thus neoprene sounds cool. I found out about it on whirlpool [LINK] and this jogged my memories of joking about wetsuit seats a while back.
Since then I found that you can get wetsuits in all sorts of colours and patterns [LINK] but mostly car people like black and shades of grey. There are three possible ways to get an image on neoprene, printing it with special rubber adhesives mixed in with the ink, as per stubbie coolers. Stitching in more pieces like patchwork, as per the wetsuit website. But the car companies seem to prefer embroidery. Which I suppose is most diverse being applicable to any fabric and offers medium durability.
Cam mentioned that Bundaberg Trimming solutions [LINK] may not have a sewing machine capable of perforating neoprene, and since they have not used it before I doubt they have the heat sealing device that binds the outer cotton sheath to the gooey centre. Checking out a few stubbie coolers I see that some are only stitched, some are heat sealed (vulcanised?) some both and the cheap ones are only glued. I no longer have any wetsuit to see how they are fabricated.
So next I emailed a few companies, turns out that though Allcarstuff [LINK] have a dodgy website with not much info they actually know what they are doing and have done nearly exactly what I’ve asked for. But then coverking [LINK] have a lot of info and look like a big commercial organisation. Their email response amounted to “we can do anything” I’ve decided to follow up with cover king because they are A: cheapest B: preserve all usability C: sound mainstream. The main negative is that they are based in California and all the baggage that comes along with that.

Although, a week later I don’t have a confirmation or quote from them (one of the possible aforementioned negatives along with postage and currency exchange and comparative car model?) so its back to Allcarstuff/xdesigns to check with an Australian mob. And without much ado
Price for rears is $330
Price for fronts is $220
Embroidery & set -up is $90 ($60+30+30)
Total is $640
With a Dai-Gurren Brigade emblem on black (practical & UV stabilised) with white twin stitching, something then like this [LINK] or on the seat like this:
Mostly all the Internet copies seem to be on a white background or at least in a white circle on blue like here [LINK] I don't think I've seen any on a dark colour that hasn't also been heavily modified. But I suppose as long as it it still recognisable as TTGL and not just some random flaming head, then all is good.
But I really wont know what it looks like until after they arrive, maybe 10days plus postage. Next is to sort out going ahead with the paint and rust protection.