Monday, October 21, 2013

I've done it, I've got E.Y.E

Based off the suggestion of the prior playthrough to fulfill my face I nolonger trusted my boss, Rimanah.
Oh and Spoilers..

At the first opportunity I betrayed him and joined the Federal Officers, They were all ninja and hidden in a giant empty flying saucer. So with an extremely complicated plot I helped Cyrus plant probes to keep an eye of the Secreta Council.

But then I got the Substitution gate from Bastian Balthazar Bux, who is now a cool space pirate. He made me want to be more ninja, so to quote Kakashi "Ninjas must look underneath the underneath"

 I went back ant told on Cyrus to my mentor who thus asked me to prove my allegiance, through murder. Thus I turned him into a werewolf.

Then I met this old dude who confused me some more, maybe Rimanah hasn't re-written my memories and maybe he is a good guy after all? Apparently the three of us were once the pinnacle of productivity for the Secreta...

Once I met my mentor again he was... different. Maybe different like Rimanah. This is so ninja, its just like with Itachi, I don't know whether he is a bad guy pretending to be a good guy pretending to be bad or if he really is a good guy underneath all his ninja. Maybe Itachi is dead, maybe he isn't, maybe he is un-undead? or he just faked his death in order to hide away?
Blarg, too much head hurty. I'll try out my new gate instead.

 WOW, using a gate for the first time was scary, and totally not what I was expecting.
and here after about the twelfth time I got a pic of turning somebody (a master) into a werewolf (almost).