Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bright Souls: Broken again

Another exerpt from the discarded diary of Anoiki the Axe:

I suppose being Shredder still fits my personality. Especially since I haven’t yet invested in more vitality. Armour is the only way to get more amorous. I still haven’t found a way to heal up other than consuming my humanity and quaffing esters. Surely there is somewhere to find somebody to teach me somehow to reactivate my trollish regeneration.

But no, wait this is cool

I’m a flaming shinigami zombie pussycat princess, emerging from a waterfall, but don’t worry, I’m here to heal. Flames didnt show up in pic :(

Wowsers I’m squishy like this though. And though pretty cool I must say the sword was more effective, I’d almost also praise its ranged attack (which you can shoot up trees) but the double-dodge, roll & stab seems to have the same range. Though I’m not a 100% effective type of person and being bloodied by 30% bleeding blades is a bit more becoming (be even better if I found a nice bikini). But you can’t always have your cake and eat it too, sometimes I find that the cake is a lie. Marzipan incidentally is an interestingly named icing, and I like it, soft and gooey. But it always seems to be covered with that really hard icing that’s got eggs in it.

Plans for future:
For cleaver 16str
Ring of the evil eye from near the basilisks in the depths before the gaping dragon
Miracle of regeneration in tomb of the giants. (or bountiful sunlight as an AOE)
Reah of thorn land sells replenishment. But then I need a dirty handkerchief. But she was absent…
May need to join the princess clan to use the other miracle.

Unfortunately I’d put this on hold awaiting Nicole so that we could have 3 player Co-op
But this never eventuated, and last night me and josh attempted to have another go but we both now crash on startup. Possibly something to do with the reduction in services of the GFWL system? But a search on the Nexus and Steam community page indicates that some people are still actively playing successfully. There is also a lot more fun to still be had here too.