Monday, October 14, 2013

The 1000 words behind the picture

 Story behind the picture. Basically Sam likes drawing and keeps drawing so he gets better at it and this is an example of Sam’s art. The inspiration came from a few Sojourns playing E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, which is a cyberpunk RPG with 32 player co-op campaign. I had built for agility; I can’t remember the name of that character. But I found that using the dual pistols and duel katanas also let you have on of each and if you hold sprint while attacking then my sword became a whirlwind of steel. Thus I spent most of the combat sprinting at the closes enemy and if I didn’t die on the way then I’d decapitate them. Occasionally a ranged attack was required or I’d have no energy left and that is when I’d resort to guns, (after all it’s a FPS too).

In addition to that in real life I’d generally always play while wearing the vest of a berserker, thus the brown mark on my chest.

Further into the game Sam was the first to unlock the Bearkiller444. An impressive sidearm that fit in well with my playstyle. It essentially functions as a sniper rifle. Thus I had no mid-range attacks, but good speed to either get back and stealth + snipe or be a real berserker and charge, chaotically waving my sword about.

Recently I was looking at the rare achievements I have in steam and decided to get a representation from E.Y.E, I’ve also bought several copies of this game to support the devs. But then I found I’ve lost all my saves. So since I was starting with a clean slate I decided to aim for the DeathWind achievement and be exactly the avatar that Sam depicted.

This play though I haven’t had anybody to Co-op with as yet so I didn’t mind going all out for the speed stat. No worries about getting isolated from my squad mates, or of getting left behind and not seeing any action at all. As soon as I could I got the upgrade to go camo. Later I levelled up the skills required for the Bearkiller and decided to try out one of the Psi skills, Invocation [LINK]. I’ve avoided all the actual Cybermancy upgrades, preferring instead to spend my cash on researching regeneration to avoid permanent malus [LINK] and gradually heading towards the Necrocybermancy achievement. After that the stats I like are Medicine for the medpack, Strength to reduce speed Malus, Endurance to stay invisible longer.

My view above and stats below, I'd need somebody else to take a screenshot to parallell the top pic.

Yesterday I completed the first playthrough (again), blindly following the commands of Rimanah. But now I’m doubtful and think my mentor sounds a whole lot more honest, though he is very secretive. But that may be because he is following the Secreta directly?

Following on, as these things tend to, I’ve been inspired by VRbones’s guide [LINK] to have another look at CKII. I’m pretty sure I can setup myself in the Kola Sami with the last name “av Necrocybermancy” if I can convert it first to Catholic. My plan then would be to change my culture to Russian or Malkavian and breed up a secret society through lust and intrigue. Similar to how my last playthrough ended up. It would be nice if I can rename a De Jure to Raskalnickoff as well. I hope I don’t lose in the first generation (again). Probably once again most of the potential wives with Intrigue will be Turkish, so it may be challenging to breed both Malkavian & spies.
I like to start in Kola because I keep reading it as Koala Shire, and Skrælings start too far east to be on this map, and the Norse don’t seem to exist in vanilla at all. I don’t know how helpful it will be to send closely related [image of blood] courtesans to run the ….. of other courts. But it may make plotting fun, my rivals would be the Spanish Inquisition and the Illuminati I suppose? Also to follow on from E.Y.E I believe I should send my wife to spy on one of the baronies north of Rome to steal all their smarts. Strangely enough living in another country causes no problems with producing legitimate hairs.
OK, that was way harder than when I tested it yesterday. I renamed a few places but my only choices were "of Anoiki" from a temple "of Zombies" from the same country and "av Vampires" from the Norwigian King's castle. I really wanted a "House of Necrocybermancers" to tie in with eye, but I'd run out of funds...

Unfortunately in CKII you can only research strategy & technology, whereas in E.Y.E I could also research magic, archaeology & psychology while it’s technically a FPS. Hrm I suppose Fable3 has a similar mix of disciplines [LINK] but Cybermancy has a way better story, especially the mission on the abandoned space station. Also the way Cybermancy deals with a lack of permadeath is a lot more satisfying than the somewhat comparable “immortality” of Fable.

The other valid possibility for making CKII more interesting would be to bring back Anoiki the Axe of Bikini Paradise from the world of Dark Souls [LINK]. Since Nicole seems no longer able to join us and Anoiki has successfully conquered the country of Colander [LINK]. But then I wouldn’t really have anything to build on other than the name itself. Although I do recall that Anoiki started off in the land of ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. Maybe I'll try to make Anoiki the Axe the Pope of Healing?

I also have to begrudgingly admit that this winter many a time I was found to Sojourn whilst wearing clothing on my upper body. Seems I’m less insulated than I used to be, or possibly more acclimatised. Also its not easy to exclusively work on my agility. Gymnastics has been somewhat helpful but it seems to obtain the next level and begin learning some new skills I first need the strength to hold my own weight, preferably upside down. I kind of need one of Kenichi’s torture devices [LINK] to gain the physical ability I now know I require. If I had the strength to hold half my weight I could show off my flexibility with a back arch or bridge [LINK]; If I could do ten pull ups then I’d probably be able to show of my balance by walking like Might Guy [LINK] If I could do both of those then I would probably have the confidence to complete a backflip, and with that level of skill I could finally follow Azo’s guide [LINK] on how to do a wallflip. Then I could brag about being agile.