Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anoikis's Warband 8: Snow day like today

The first two tournaments were no challenge at all and I was able to net myself 3000 apiece, I think I also managed to find all my old companions as well. Although I may have forgotten one like they forgot me. Obviously I didn’t make enough of an impression with my Axe+Axe+bikini+ugg boot style.
The third tournament posed a bit of a challenge, it was being held in RiverCreek and I was worried the Vague King might be there. So I covered myself up and collected four quarterstaffs and attempted to sneak in. One of the guards recognized my boots though so I had to bash him over the head, Pretty sure he slept through the whole tournament.
A couple of my companions also entered, they had no trouble getting through the gates. But unfortunately there was no nobility participating, so I made short work of the competition with my bow and won once more, it’s a pity my party members didn’t get past the half way mark. One bonus of having no nobility was now I knew nobody was guarding RiverCreek, so after a little celebration in the tavern I laid siege to the city. Once again the Vague King attacked me and one again I rode all over him, next time I may catch him too.
I kept making silly mistakes on the front line and having to get rescued, so it took three tries to capture the city. In the end they gave up and accepted me as their Queen. When I went to sell my loot in the armoury I found a masterwork siege crossbow. I really wanted it, but even selling all my gear didn’t come close to the asking price. I bet it was worth more than the city itself. I really need to train somebody up as a trader so I can get better deals, though even that may not have helped. I probably would have given it to my companions anyway because I like riding my horse.

Now that I once  again have a place for my court to meet I think it is time to siege some more, my budget indicates I make quite a bit of capital from the rent of my holdings. Though I really need more minions to secure my land, so off we go to war. Three castles down I have defeated another four Vague Lords and on my way to the fourth castle I have to backtrack to break a siege. Only it’s an ally sieging my castle?

After a rather confusing conversation it seems he wants to join my cause. I said OK and he wandered off. I don’t know where he came from or where he went and I really should have asked him his name.  I suppose I should give him a castle as a reward for believing in me.

I think from here the plan will be to make the Vague Alps mine, there’s snow day like today, and delaying is just boring. I want all my companions to stay with me for a while yet, so I suppose I’ll have to look for more local Lords to maintain my lands. If I can press the offensive hard enough I may be able to oust the Vague King before he can mount a counterattack. If I can defeat two enemies and not be defeated myself in every battlefield I see no issues with this plan. Mostly it seems that with the help of ten competent warriors I can take/hold any fortress. After all only 2 people can swing an axe on the stairs at the same time. 

51 Days after everybody else getting amnesia I have gathered all of the Vague Kings land under my banner, I dont know where he has gone but half his Lords turned up in RiverCreek to swear Loyalty to me. I'm not entirely sure I trust them but at least now I wont have to micromanage all my future takings. My Bikini Parasise is in red below.

On my way to have another chat to Perl Firentis, the Kinslayer, came to me grumbling about my choice of companions. I like all of them but not many of them seem to like each other. So I decided to send him on a holiday. Almost immediately after Art the Architect threatened to leave me for the same reasons.

Lez on the other hand decided to give me some helphull advice. Though mostly I fond my minions charge up on their horses and then stand there on horsback swinging at anybody who comes near. permenant high ground but not much more strategy than that.

Finally found Perl again but she no longer wants my help because I have become a queen myself. I'm not sure if I would be able to undo all that work. I suppose I could pick a fight with every nation, then let them take all my lands? Meh instead of going for Girl Power, I will just have to get the title of Empress for myself. I was probably going to do that later regardless.