Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ten for january

Probably should have real the previous update when writing this, but here goes.

1 well I am sharing my house and home with 2 people currently. That was an unexpected and big step. With Ed in particular I have also shared quite a bit of my life.

2 With more people in my home I’m less inclined to tidy it up. Subconciously I keep thinking I only need to clean a third of the house. But that just doesn’t work. Being disorganised is OK so long as I’m prepared to be unprepared. Like leaving my clothes on the line for 3 days then having to wear a shirt to work that has the morning dew on it.

3 Sharing food had meant that I have less myself, and the kitchen hasn’t been tidy enough for me to feel like cooking. So I have eaten less and been much more frugal with my food purchasing of late. I’m also pretty pleased with my recent logistical manipulation of time.

4 Learnt all about Blades of Time over the xmas break and have been competing with Revi & Deo. Into the second year of the Technomancer’s Sojourn Inc. and have a few creative ideas for logos.

5 Gave up on dancing due to the lack of pretty young things, mostly replaced tis with time kiteboarding. Have also dabbled in underwater hocky and am looking at having a go at Vollyball, when I find a team to join at Beach365.

6 Began reading the Dao Te Ching, started to get back into the BASIC youth group too. Still going to church and Wednesdays bible studies, have been reading the bible sporadically in the morning.

7 Ed and Ten are living in my house. Been hanging out with ROTORACT people a bit in addition to church and the Technomancers. Went on a blind date type thing which was interesting, a mutual friend tried to hook us up and it surprised me how much we have in common.

8 Currently I cant think of much that got broken, maybe a lack of sleep? Swam through sea lice (or something) a few times as well. Seems I am a surprisingly health individual.

9 10 11 nothing I can think of currently