Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last One Percent

One of the things I like about steam acheivments is the last one percent, there are a couple of games where I have aceived this now. Though I dont think I've ever gotten 100% completion.
Currently only 83% of people who own this game hace started to play it 2.3% have played with a friend. I built move speed early and got all exept the swords from outbreak. after finishing the plot the first time I redid the last level with a chest to find the mirical blades and was pleasently surprised that they increaced my speed. This motivated me to try hard and collect the rest of the chests. I didnt really find hard any harder, the small increase of speed saw me avoid a few more fights. Also the bosses had me worrying about RSI from the number of clicks it toot to move their health bars.