Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guild wars two character profiles

Finally have a level 80 char. But I have been away for a awhile so its been hard to remember what my niche was.

 Silvari Necromancer Barbarian Scientist
She is a green healthy healer, a location based AOE tank who really needs help to take down bosses. Been cloaking into the death shroud to use life transfer or use the emergency health.
For the traits Anoiki focused on wells and extra health. so that makes vitality and healing power important attributes. Plus also being a vampire is a nice touch, with the runes of vampirism.

 Char Thief Noble Stealth Knight
Initially Hyperdimensional disliked stealing on principal, plus the variety of stolen objects was confusing. So She relegated herself to leatherworking, slowly working towards the overpriced 20 slot leather bags.
But stealing can help to gain stealth and stealthy dodging teleports is what Hyper likes. Flitting around battle, chaotically spamming abilities. Now that Anoiki is more experienced Hyper is no longer restricted to the simplicity of signets either.
So now all Hyperdimensional's traits are focused on fleeing agro, either by stealing to gain stealth or dodging and shadowsepping away.

 Asura Ranger Charming (Order of whispers?)
While trying to find a friend Jeebus I thought it would be prudent to have somebody called Raskalnickoff Raskalnickoff. Since the necromancer Anoiki was limited in minions and they were not particularly helpful (eg. Jagged Horrors only crowd the screen and taunt) I decided to go ranger as they seemed to have usefull pets and lots of them. Being tiny and flinging myself into the air with a great sword was hilarious so I ended up getting a lot of action. Then Rask found a teleporting cat and named her Hypersimensional. Next he went on a pokemon hunt until he found that a bird will give you speed and that underwater combat is actually fun with a shark called Jonah's Submarine.
My pet bird Juvenile Delinquent grants swiftness when Rask is travelling, so long as the attack is spammed so move speed is mostly unnecessary.
As for traits Rask needs a bit more adventure time before committing but Nature skills and moving spirits are a must.
Boon duration is probabbly the best thing to add to my clothes which ate currently a complete Sentinel's set. meybe I should change to a "Giver" set with snowflakes.
Also shark pets are awesome, and calling him "Jonah's Submarine" made it awsomer.

there was quite a discussion on the correct spelling of this nime. I think its silly, but aparently bananna is wrong.
 So josh and nicole decided to create new characters and while I was having fun again with my necromancer Anoiki and found I could be reallt gothic. I got roped into this. I think Warfame was a bit of the cause as well.
At any rate we are the Necromancers of the Fruit, the PlantPower Rangers, with our powers combined you will be shrouded with death, overwhelmed by wells, massacered by minions, all with a fruity aftertaste.
We all chose our stories to be mutually exclusive but hope to have others join us to dance in beginners clothes.
Since I'm surrounded by other necromancers I wont be aiming for conditions and I still dont like minions and Anoiki is currently all marks and wells for the AOE. So I suppose I'll try out all the spectral skills. Though there are not a lot of tie-ins and so my traits list is a little incomplete. The other alternative to try something different would be maximising on fear and spreading terror where we tread. thus I'd need these traits.
note: Corrupt boon applies fran when removing stability
The Curses 25 trait "Corrupt the weak" increases damage of fear.
The fear build will be easier to make a start on but will take longer to complete. I'll have to see what others will try and then not do the one that overlaps.