Monday, January 14, 2013

Anoikis's Warband 7: Amnesia? How cliche!

No it does seem everybody forgot who I am, even Perl. Once again I feel like a novice in a new land and have to build up my reputation from scratch. So here I am a stranger in a familiar land, with nothing but Ugg boots a tan bikini and my trusty axe. Once again I have a long road in front of me and a lot of learning. This time though I know what is achievable so I’ll make no secret of my plans to take over the entire world. First I’ll need to acquire a horse and some food. With that I should start trawling the taverns for adventurous individuals to help me in my quest.

Yeah, pretty much everybody had amnesia. Although it was nice to be reminded of somethings. I met up with Perl again and apparently I need a better reputation, she doesnt beleive I could take over the whole world, I suppose I did fail last time. So I went to claim myself a winter villa.

The King of the Vauge didnlt appreciate this at all Probably because I acheived three things at the same time and he was jealous. With the frequency castles chage ofners it couldnt have been that I stole his land.
Although the seige itself was easy enough to win, it was pretty boring waiting for the action. So after breaking the seige thrice and defeating the Vauge King twice I was eventually too far from my villa to rescue it the fouth time.

Maybe tournaments will be a better way to regain my fame?