Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kiteboarding: Planning to plane

Finally was able to hydroplane this weekend. The wind was SSE ~15-25Knotts. On Saturday not much at all was achieved, but we got a few good ideas for Sunday.
Starting off hip deep water is best
Once moving the board first acts as a displacement hull
As a displacement hull need ~15cm of water, otherwise I got stuck in the sand
When hydroplaning 5cm of water is plenty (fin deep)
Need to be able to fly the kite in one hand
Get into the board with the kite directly overhead.
Drive the kite down to gain speed & lift from water, then across to pick a direction and slow down.
When crashing keep the board infront of you and send the kite to the edge of the wind envelope, bringing it up after.
Once the kite is in position you don’t need to move it.

Mostly we could only do a beam reach (broad reach was too scary and got shallow quickly) on a port tack. The starboard tack was all back to front and because it was going back to shore we had less&less water. On Sunday we mostly verified the new ideas and I for one started to get a hang of controlling the speed while planning plus starting to compensate for the waves. I’m also pleased that mostly when I fell off I didn’t also crash the kite.

Next challenge will be to get going on a starboard tack, then turning. After that then it will be back to practicing technique. Be a while yet before I try any jumps I think. Also I finally have a collection of photographic proof that I’m not making all this up.

Launching the stuntkite while setting up the big one.
Alice playing with the stunt kite.

Prepared: 3 changes of clothes/ Snorkelling for 2 people/ Kiteboarding/ swag.
 Tony struggelling to position the kite.
Tony on the very first time he stood up sucessfully.
 Photographic proof of Ben with a kiteboard.
 Getting ready for another go.

Pity you have to be so far away with the camera to see both the rider and the kite that I can hardly tell who is kiteboarding.