Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I think I’ve found a new physical outlet. Currently the sea is full of mud and faeces on account of the recent floods so I’m not too keen on kitesurfing.
Josh asked me one day “wanna go to gym with me?” I replied “whats it involve?” Then as he formulated a response I thought to myself, ‘Meh why not? Its something different I could have a look as least and have nothing else to do at that time, It would only require turning up an hour earlier to pickup Josh from work that I would have otherwise.’
What Josh heard was “What’s it involve, yeah sure.” I suppose I didn’t really care about the answer to my question. Either I was going and would see soon enough or I wasn’t and it wouldn’t matter.

The problem with normal gyms is that they are too much like playing computer games. You sit there on one thing inside a building without any fresh air doing repetitive exercises.
The good thing about this gym is that when I say I’m going to it nobody will assume I mean gymnastics J. It s just a little bit unusual, like going fencing or learning Latin. Knowing Josh makes it marginally social, there is a possibility of meeting girls unlike dancing. There is a bit of airflow in the shed and once I know what I’m doing it can be done anywhere.
I wonder what my goal should be?
To be a flag?
Be good enough at one handed chin-ups that I can be like || in Midory Days, of ?Fes? In The Princess Bride?
To get visible abs?
Maybe it’s just another metaphysical investment that I can take with me wherever I go?
Learn a new basic skillset?
Buff my wrists so that kitesurfing with one hand is made more easy?
Standing flips
Run into a wall but miss because I ran up it and did a backflip.
Maintain a handstand
Walk like Mito Guy Kahonas great blue beast, all around the backyard at least.

That should be enough for the first six months I think, then I should be able to get back into kitesurfing. Unless I find some more interesting people to hang out with at gym.