Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outerdimensional Octopus

Outerdimensional Octopus: A hero I started to make for LOL

Made a couple of these for League of Legends and found that I had to delete my cookies to post on the forums. Still haven't done it. So call this Draft one.

more CDR = more exiting special abilities + less reliance on auto attacks.

super dense octopus
tank, assassin, physical mage

take 10% less damage from all sources as you phase in and out of reality. This damage is converted into mana.
doe snot move as such, teleports from one location to the next. (permanent half flash move)

Tentacles reach out and snare the selected target, pulling them to yourself.
like a fishing rod every 0.5 seconds your target is snared for .2sec and pulled towards you. you cannot move for the duration of 3 seconds.
If you pull your target into melee range they are stunned for the remainder of the 3 seconds.
any units hit by your tentacles take 20+0.1AP physical damage.

W Flail
Passive: You fling a tentacle at any creatures that attack you, entangling them.
Effects the 1/2/4/6/8 most recent units to hit you, slowing their MS.
Units that pass through the tentacles take 0.1AP Physical damage
You swing your tentacles around you, slamming them into the ground. Doing extra damage for each entangled enemy.
AOE like Gangplank's Arrr targeted on self. randomly hitting units for 20+ 20Physical damage for each unit that has a tentacle attached.
Any tangled units take 100%AP magic damage when the effect ends.

E Teleport
You focus your teleportation skills and re-emerge in the exact same location as an enemy. Your victim takes damage as you phase into reality within them. The weaker they are the easier this is.
Spell cost is refunded by the % health they were missing
If you cause your victim to explode the cool down is refreshed.
(similar to Garens ult)

R Gravitate
Concentrate on becoming a physical reality. your density increases while you hold concentration, you cannot do it for long though and eventually return to semi-reality.
all units within a small range are pulled to you quickly
all units within a large range are pulled to you slowly
all units that hit you take 200 Physical damage
at the end all units are knocked up and flung  to the outer edge for 100+.5AP physical damage.

what would work god against bots? Tony does well pushing towers with himer in mid
possibly using jax I can backdoor and deprive a side lane of all minions, then run away.
they all have a lot of slow/stun
they are in a habit of porting in predictable spots.