Sunday, November 20, 2011

Draft LOL Champ 5

inspired after playing Yorric. I was thinking before yorrick came out that he would be controlling a legion of minions and get kills from people trying to wade through them. This approach is a little different. More like they are purely for utility. So I though what if a % of your stats is distributed evenly amongst your summons. So that you don't gain any extra power only more diversity.
Passive - Revival
standing in melee range of a champions corps for 3 seconds revives their flesh (not a ghost) the reanimated flesh has 10% health and can only auto attack. When you revive a trinitarian it returns to your control. All 3 Trinitariands need to be dead at the same time for you to be killed.
[Q][W][E] All function the same way with special effects
First press activates that third, second press toggles Focus, where the other 2 thirds stand back to back.
eg at level 1 I want to lead with [Q], so i take that skill. I press [Q] twice to activate him then get [W]&[E] to band together. Nor when I go in to fight minions I will be in melee range and [W]&[E] will stay ranges and safe.
at level 2 I take [E] so that the 2 melee thirds are together.I press [E] to switch control to him and [W] immediately splits off. I press [E] again so that [Q]&[W] are now fighting together.
After a bit all the other champs have left so I press [E] again to de-focus [Q]&[W], allowing me to get more last hits from all of us attacking separately, but with less damage.

[Q] The Aggressor
The bulky third, wields a too large Waraxe, range same as Xin
3% armor penetration
55% AS
30% Critical
15% MS
3 AD
[W] The Defender
The skinny third, uses martial arts to disable his enemies.
Physical attacks reduce your targets MS for 0.5 sec (as per Frozen Mallet)
units on melee range have their AS reduced by 10% (as per Frozen heart)
[E] The Recouperator
The fat third, She uses a ranged green lightning attack.
When one of the trinitarians uses an ability her next attack gains 100% AP (as per the lich bane) also if the enemy has mana half the damage is applied to the mana bar instead of health. Energy/Rage is not effected.
3% spell Vamp
3% vamp
3 tenacity
3 HP5
3 MP5
[R] United we stand
All 3 Trinitarians stand back to back, any debuffs are clensed. Stats & Buffs are pooled.
description of appearences.

wow the mechanic here is complex. seems I was building it like a sona/udyr/pandarian