Sunday, November 20, 2011

Draft LOL champ 3

speedy, nuke. On attack you reappear on the opposite side or your target, this preserves your move speed when attacking in melee. Energy based champ. Lots of stacks to tell you what is happening. Should be an easy champ to play.

Hitting the same target consecutively reduces AD (opposite to Jax & warrick)
standing still reduced your MS (opposite of Ash)
each shown as a stack x5
irradiated units take 1hp damage per second until they are killed. stacks continuously.
should get lots of last hits with this and is also an antifeeding mechanism.

1 Chaotic Cartwheel
Just like the leap attack of Master Yi

Leap to the furthest enemy jumping on their head then bound back to where you were, doing magic damage to all enemies you pass over. ( a cross between svirs boomerang an crockodile dash)
aimed like the bomerang, an individual target is not selected.
Furthest unit takes 100 + 0.25 AD Physical damage
Units passed over take 50 +0.1 AP Magic damage


Oh, look at that I syopped half way through a word.